You’re a hero or a zero in space of one metre

Afterdriving at speeds approaching 250km/hdownthe straights, scrapping the side mirror against concrete walls at 180 and jumping thecar over curbs at well over 150, the top 15 cars qualified within half a second of eachother at Townsville.
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Thatequates to around one-metre in distance between first and 15thand tells us acouple of things. Firstly, the drivers are incredibly skilful but surely in need of some form of therapy. Secondly,this is the most competitive sport in the country,where after three kilometres of near out-of-control madness, you are just an also ran ifyou’re more than one metre behind the winner.

Welcome to Brad Jones’world.

DRIVEN: Albury’s Brad Jones is a man with a plan to win a V8 Championship, saying ‘you keep getting stronger – that’s what you can then build a championship year on’.

Just make it even more interesting, American billionaire Rodger Penske lured Joneskey Driver Engineer combination of Fabian Coulthard and Phil Keens to join his DJRPenske team at the end of last season.

Despite the challenges, Jones said the first half of the year has been successful with two wins and a second from the first sevenevents.

“With change you always go through a difficult period,” Jones said from his office atBJR HQ in Albury this week.

“But I would describe the first half of the year assuccessful. Jason in the BOC car had a great start but we reallystruggled with the freightliner car at the start and getting to know Tim (Slade).

“We both ended up learning a fair bit about each other fairly quickly but now we have beenpretty successful. Even after a tough weekend like we had in Townsville where itdoesn’t suit us, we were still in the top 15, so we have consistency andresults that gives us confidence.”

With only two races left until the teams hit the showcase events of the year – Sandown500, Bathurst 1000 and the Gold Coast 600 – Jones is squarely focused on more racewins and putting the team in position to challenge for a championship.

“We have two tracks coming up where we have struggled a bit – Sandown andGold Coast, but we are working on some things to minimise that,” he said.

“It’s a three-yearplan to win a championship, right now we are still getting to know Tim and he’s stillgetting to know us; my focus is to make sure he finishes the year at worst in the top 10in the championship, but ideally in the top five and we will need a strong secondhalf of the year to achieve that. You keep getting stronger; that’s what you can thenbuild a championship year on,” Jones said.

There is real momentum in the BJR camp and with brother Kim, Jones has theexperience to turn it into on track success. Once known for punchingabove its weight, other teams as well as the sport’s leading commentators nowknow that the Brad Jones Racing team is a consistent top 10performer and thenext step is to win a Supercar Championship.

For this weekend though, as the teamshead to Queensland raceway for round 8, Brad Jones will just be looking to find thatelusive half a second that will put them at the front of the field.

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Tigers far too good for Rovers

The undefeated Bungendore Tigers continued on their winning way proving too strong for the Boorowa Rovers. The final score favoured Bungendore 38-4 but didn’t really reflect the game.
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It was only in the final quarter of the match when the Tigers began to pull away from a very plucky Rovers team who just couldn’t penetrate some tough defence despite many promising raids.

Bungendore got away to a flying start leading 10-0 after just 10 minutes.

The Rovers launched a counter attack and very nearly crossed just three minutes later. A fiery blow up saw a Tigers player sent to the sin-bin.

Boorowa were quick to capitalise with Kris halls crossing wide out after some good lead up work. With the score at 10-4 Boorowa continued to mount several attacking raids but the Tigers defence held firm. Bungendore then went further aheadjust before halftime to make the score 16-4 at the break.

The second half,Bungendore scoredquickly after just three minutes to extend the lead to 22-4. The match began to get heated as both forward packs tried to dominate with some good hits. The Rovers tried hard to penetrate the Bungendore defensive line and probably deserved more points. It was Bungendore however, that raced in three tries in the final fifteen minutes to blow the score out somewhat to 38-4.

Despite the score, it was one of Boorowa’s better displays with some promising signs in attack and some willing defence. Best for Boorowa was Mick Hinds who picked up three points and was creative in attack all day. Kris Halls was also impressive picking up two points and Mr Consistency, Matt Batt got one point. Players player was Mick Hinds whilst the Fabstock award went to Justin Corkery.

In other games on the weekend, Boomanulla won a tight game 28-20 over Braidwood whilst Harden hammered the gunning Roos 52-10 and the North Canberra 54 soundly beat Crookwell 18.

This weekend’s other games see Boomanulla hosting Harden, Bungendore play Gunning and ADFA face a huge task against North Canberra. Crookwell has the bye.

The Rovers have just one home game left for the season on Saturday week when they host ADFA. One date supporters should also note is September 10 when the Ex-services club will host the Rovers presentation night. Meanwhile, this weekend get along and support the lads at Braidwood on Saturday at 2.30 pm. Then on Saturday night the boys will be back at the Courthouse to hopefully celebrate a win.

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Rams ready for race day

MEMBERS of the Muswellbrook District Junior Rugby League Football Club will swap their playing jumpers for racing attire at Skellatar Park next month.
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FUN FOR ALL: Muswellbrook Rams under-6 Golds’ Lachlan Mills.

And, the local organisation is extending an invitation to residents, and visitors, to attend its annual Rams Race Day on Sunday, August 7, which will be held in conjunction with the popular Bengalla Cup.

“It’s a great low cost event the whole family can enjoy and we would love everyone to come along,” Muswellbrook District Junior Rugby League Club publicity officer Michelle Williams said.

“The more people we have attend the meeting the merrier.

“It will no doubt be a glorious winter’s day with so much on offer.

“We’ll have free laser tag and a jumping castle for the kids, along with a reptile display, NRL games and prizes, a delicious barbecue lunch, full TAB and bar facilities, and a colouring-in station for the ‘littlies’.

“Added to that is a display of vintage cars, a coffee van, slushies, popcorn and fairy floss, temporary tattoo booth for the children as well as beautiful landscaped grounds to sit and relax.

“If you want to have a bet on the Bengalla Cup, you’ll be looked after, too.”

All the action will take place at the Muswellbrook Race Club with gates opening at 11.30am, with the first race scheduled to start at 12.30pm.

Entry is just $5 and all children will be admitted free of charge.

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CCA calls in election promises

Cattle Council of Australia chief executive officer Jed Matz.
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CATTLECouncil of Australia has welcomed the new Federal Cabinet but has urged the government to deliver on its leadership funding election commitments.

In June the Coalition announced new funding measures for agriculture including $5 million for the Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund.

Chief executive officer Jed Matzsaid CCAhad called for a funding commitment to help establish a directly-elected producer organisation, underpinned by a sustainable funding model.

“Since 2013, the CCAhas been pushing towards structural change to adequately deliver the advocacy, policy and strategic services the grass fed industry needs,’’ Mr Matz said.

“The commitment of the Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund is a step in the right direction in empowering agriculture.

“Cattle Council congratulate the government on its re-election but we urge the government not to forget its commitment to the agriculture and in particular the beef industry.”

The organisation Cattle Council seeks to establish would combine policy development and advocacy, and be led by a board directly elected by cattle levy payers.

Mr Matz said the new model would provide grass-fed producers with more control over the $64 million they pay annually through the compulsory levy.

“The key for the new organisation is the development of a sustainable funding model which would allow the organisation to focus on delivering the best outcomes for grass-fed producers, instead of being impeded by funding concerns.”

“We believe the future of agriculture should be foremost on the governments agenda, and we hope to see further details on the Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund soon,” Mr Matz said.

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Rules of engagement: don’t try with haters

I just woke up one morning and decided not to do it anymore.
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For what seems like decades, I’d been online and arguing. If someone used the the word feminazi, I’d be in there, explaining why that’s not a useful term. If someone said all feminists should be killed – or indeed that I should be killed – I’d be in there having the idiotic argument. Of course I shouldn’t be killed. Who would make my putative grandchildren’s birthday cakes?

I’d use bad language, or even worse language.

Then I had to face-up. One, I would never be able to change anyone’s mindset or behaviour through social media interaction. Two, it was using up my time. I had to recognise I could only be responsible for my own behaviour.

The first realisation frustrated me. I assumed if I bothered to write to someone, they would go away and read it. Men send things to me and I read them. Usually. I mean usually, it’s men who send me links to vast tracts: unsourced, uncritiqued, unevidenced. Still, I look. But I wasn’t getting any cut-through by having a discussion based on evidence. I’d just end up in a link war.

The recognition that no amount of serious conversation would ever change the tenor of the conversation made me rethink the amount of time I spent attending to abusers. These people weren’t really wanting to know more, instead they were behaving like parasites, sucking up my time and thinking, without ever contributing to the dialogue and by engaging, I was enabling that behaviour.

The comments used to upset me but they don’t anymore. I know most of the tiny darlings who employ death threats or use other threats of violence are no more likely to actually carry out those threats than use their real names.

My rule now is to engage with people whose opinions I value – which is not the same as engaging only with those with whom I agree. It’s possible to express differing opinions with respect. I ignore and block those who call their bots to the yard; who call in their “multiple”supporters to engage in a pile-on.

Even after a week of my new management plan, I felt better. I didn’t stop interacting online but I stopped reacting. If I recognised the beginnings of abusive behaviour, I’d use the tools provided by Facebook and Twitter to block or to mute.

The brilliant Tara Moss, author of much but most recently,Speaking Out, used her new book to write about online experiences and safety. She too says she used to engage.

“Any online discussion is likely to involve at least some percentage of comments that are graphically abusive, almost as a guarantee … I now find myself needing to ban and block often, and in most cases a cursory glance at an abusive person’s public feed will reveal that they literally abuse people in this way during all of their spare time.”

That was happening to me. I got louder and more aggressive and, at the same time, more frightened. She says that level of discourse has made women turn off.

“[That] has made a lot of women back away from online spaces, which I think is a shame, and a kind of failure of democracy. We can’t let the bullies win.”

The second realisation, that I was wasting my time, had a significant impact on my life. I’d become obsessed with the battles rather than the outcomes. Ignoring the haters gave me more time to do useful work, and had a direct impact on my mental wellbeing.

I don’t have time – or the will –for online bullies any more.


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Feeder steers return $1670 at Laidley

A total of 954 head were yarded at Stariha Auctions Laidley cattle sale on Thursday. The market remained firm on last sale’s high rates, with quality lines of feeder cattle and weaners in demand.
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John Campion, Middlemount, sold a draft of 163 Simmental cattle to return an average of $1097. John’s feeder steers sold to an impressive $1670.Ben Quinn, Junction View, sold Brahman cows for $1360 and milk tooth steers for $1410.

Russell Lehmann, Minden, sold Droughtmaster cows for $1300 and cows and calves for $1680.Ron Brauer, Helidon, sold a Droughtie bull for $1780.Harrison Family Trust, Kilcoy, sold milk tooth heifers for $1295.JW Bell, Mount Mort, sold Shorthorn bulls for $1710.

Wendy Callinan, Esk, sold Santa heifers for $1150.Danielle Hartmann and Kasey McGrath, New Moonta, soldDroughtmaster heifers for $1450.

Des Poole, Veradilla, sold 18-20 month old Limousin cattle, with steers making $1490 and heifers $1390.Jengar Rural, Mulgowie, sold Santa heifers for $1340.Robert Jeffes, Lockrose, sold Droughtmaster steers, 20 months, for $1760.

Rolly Donohue, Clarendon, sold a line of Brahman cross milk tooth steers for $1480.Pickering Family, Black Duck Creek, sold 12 month old Droughtmaster steers for $1090 and 6 month old steers for $860.Tillack Family, Woodlands, sold Charolais weaners, with steers making $965-$1060.

Peter & Elaine Horrocks, Mt Whitestone, sold quality 6 month old Simmental steers for $840.Brendan Neumann, Coominya, sold 7 month old Droughtmaster steers for $820.Brian O’Sullivan, Laidley, sold 14 month old Charbray heifers for $1000.

Cunningham Pastoral, Aratula, sold a line of 6 month old Charbray heifers for $820.Collins Grazing purchased cows and calves for $1780.

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VFF keeps fighting for rural Victoria

The VFF is celebrating its 37th Annual Conference this weekand it’s sure to be one to remember.
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Our membership is steady and our achievements are strong. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to rest on our laurels.The VFF has fought hard for rural Victoria and we will continue to do so.

This year marks the end of my VFF presidency and I’m immensely proud of everything we’ve achieved. I’d like to share some of our biggest achievements.

Last year, we ran a long and effective campaign to ensure the sale of the Port of Melbourne lease did not lessen competition and escalate pricing.

In the end, we negotiated to ensure 10 per cent of proceeds from the port lease would go to rural infrastructure, including a $200 million Agriculture Infrastructure and Jobs Fund, which will be used to build the Wimmera Doppler weather radar and extend the cattle underpass scheme, among other initiatives.

The VFF convinced the state and federal governments to commit $440 million towards upgrading and standardising Victoria’s north-west Murray Basin rail freight lines.

This investment will reduce supply chain costs for growers and the number of trucks travelling on rural roads.

Our achievements in securing commitments for water infrastructure are impressive – more than $150 million in state and federal funding for both infrastructure and feasibility studies.

We successfully lobbied for a moratorium banning onshore gas exploration in Victoria to be upheld until at least 2020, as well as convinced the state government to raise the payroll tax-free threshold from $550,000 to $650,000 over the next four years.

These are all positive outcomes for Victorian agriculture worth celebrating, and indeed we will celebrate at the conference.

Looking to the future, I see enormous challenges for agriculture. Activists remain an ongoing threat, while external factors like climate variability and market failure will put pressure on our industry.

But it’s important to know that we are resilient. We can approach each issue with experience and knowledge.

Also know that the VFF is behind our farmers 100per cent.

The 37th Annual VFF Conference is on today and tomorrow at Rydges,186 Exhibition Street, Melbourne.

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Wilson re-signs with Spirit

Foundation player Andrea Wilson will return to the Bendigo Bank Spirit forthe 2016-17 Women’sNational Basketball League season.
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Andrea Wilson

The 30-year-old is a key backup player for the Spirit and a fan favourite.

“I was excited to get the call and return for another year,” Wilson said.

“The club is building for the future and I am always proud to help it do that.

“I obviously enjoy contributing on game day, and I really love helping out the younger girlswith advice at training and as part of the team’s preparation.

“Simon (Pritchard), Walshy (Andrea Walsh) and David (Flint) are solely focused on the future of the team and the club, and Iam honoured they have chosen me to help them achieve that.”

Coach Simon Pritchard said Wilson was a key player in the team set-up.

“Spirit fans don’t really get the chance to see the enormous contribution Andrea makes to the squad,” Prichard said.

“Her work at training and off the court makes her an integral part of our setup and she has agreat understanding of what our team needs to do to prepare each week and provides theenvironment for us to meet scouting strategies throughout the season.

“You don’t play as many WNBL seasons as Andrea has without being a great player and agreat person. Andrea certainly is both.

“She is the quintessential team player, and they are welcome in our squad any day of theweek.”

Wilson’s re-signing is one of the final pieces of the Spirit puzzle for the 2016-17 season.

Frontcourt starsKelsey Griffin and Gabe Richards will again be the cornerstones of the Spirit squad.

WNBA guard Blake Dietrick and Canadian forward Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe are the Spirit’s two new imports.

They’ve also signed former Australian junior representative Nadeen Payne and former University of Hawaii guard Ashleigh Karaitiana.

Kerryn Harrington, Heather Oliver and Ashleigh Spencer are also back for another WNBL season with the Bendigo Spirit.

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Straight outta Victoria – hip hop artist tours single

ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Seth Sentry will be performing on August 5 at Club 54 in Launceston, and at Hobart’s Uni Bar on August 6.
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This Australian hip hop artist has come a long way since his first hit The Waitress Song in 2008.

Seth Marton, the man behind Seth Sentry,now has two albums and an EP under his belt, and is back on the road with his 1969 tour.

The tour name comes from a single of the same nameoff last year’sStrange New Past, the second full-length release for the Melbourne artist.

Although it has been eight years since he burst into the Australian hip hop circuit, Marton has never been in a rush with his writing, nor will he ever be.

“I write quite slowly, I like to get it right, wait until I am 100 per centsatisfied with everything,” Marton said.

For album number two, he decided to approach things a little differently.

“I didn’t try to write singles – the songs that I wrote are just how I was feeling at the time,I just wanted to create a straight-up rap albumandmade songs that my friends would enjoy,” Marton said.

“People thought that my next album was going to be more pop, but it wasn’t –I wanted to hit them with something more unexpected.”

Last year, Marton smashed out a 50-show tour to promote Strange New Past.

While this tour is nowhere near as big, he is keen to hit up the states of Australia.

Seth Sentry will be performing on August 5 at Club 54 in Launceston, and at Hobart’s Uni Bar on August 6.

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New Lambton revamp for family haven

New Lambton revamp for family haven TweetFacebook Photos: New Lambton family classicHouse of the week: 175 St James Road, New LambtonThis pretty New Lambton property has all the hallmarks of a classic Australian family home. There’s the white picket fence, large backyard and a jacaranda tree out the back.
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No.175 St James Road ticks all the boxes for comfort and location, but a complete renovation about two years ago has brought this much-loved house up to speed with not only the times, but the demands of a growing family.

It has been configured into a five-bedroom state-of-the art home.

Open-plan living areas lead via glass stackable doors to a large alfresco area covered by a pitched roof. The backyard is large, level and a haven for pets and children.

Back inside, the living area comprises an entertainer’s kitchen, lounge/media room, dining space and family room.

The large kitchen has granite bench-tops with waterfall edging, a wide island with breakfast bar and premium Westinghouse stainless steel appliances.

There is a wood-burning combustion fire in the lounge room, and the family room has an ornate fireplace

Two of the home’s five bedrooms haveensuites and the family bathroom features a deep bath tub.

Other features include blackbutt flooring throughout, ceiling fans, plush carpet, built-in/walk-in robes and plantation shutters.

There isa double garage at the rear of the block and an automatic single garage at the front with internal access to the home.The property is close to schools, shopping village, parks and sporting fields.

House of the week:

New Lambton

175 St James Road

5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 parking

Auction: August 13 onsite

Agency: Dalton Partners

Contact: 02 4956 3033

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Farmers of the future fair

Farming Futures: Students get the chance to talk to industry professionals about career opportunities and teaching staff about agriculture degrees on offer at UNE.
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The fourth annual Farming Futures will be held at the University of New England,showcasing the variety of careers in the agricultural industry.

It’s a student run eventprovidingUNE’s agricultural students opportunities to start planning their future as well as providing information for high school and TAFE students about the variety of careers agriculture has to offer.

A careers fair will be held whereindustry representatives andstud farmers canpromote their business and tell theirstory of how they got where they are now.

Farming Futures stems from the current agricultural issues and the continueddemand for new, innovative and sustainable development in the industry.

This year, aSchools Program is offeredfor students to exploreagricultural based degrees at UNE. Schools from local and surrounding areas areencouraged to attend the fair, giving students the opportunity to talk to stallholders about future job prospects. Graduates, academics and businesses willrun seminars on the day.

There will be an industry dinner forstudents andindustryrepresentativesfor a night of agricultural enlightenment. Students areencouraged to sit with aprofessionalto talk one onone.Graduates are also invited to attend.Dee George, 2015 graduate ofRural Science will be chairperson of the dinner. The dinner will also include anauction to raise funds for chosen charity, Buy A Bale.

The careers fair and dinner will be held on FridayJuly 29, at UNE inArmidale.

For moreinformation:http://梧桐夜网une.edu419论坛/about-une/academic-schools/school-of-environmental-and-rural-science/ers-news-and-events/farming-futures

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Obeids charged over $30m coal deal

Eddie Obeid. Photo: Ben RushtonCorrupt former Labor minister EddieObeidand his son Moses have beenchargedovera $30 million coal deal, as authorities tighten the net around the one-time powerbroker and his familyovera series of business deals.
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Obeidis already facing jail time after being convicted in June of misconduct in public officeoverhis business dealings at Circular Quay.

Fairfax Media can now reveal the 72-year-old and his entrepreneurial middle son Moses, 47, were quietlychargedlast yearovera coal deal at Mount Penny in the Bylong Valley near Mudgee. The identity of a third personchargedoverthe same matter cannot be revealed for legal reasons.

The conspiracy charges relate to a lucrative coal tenement the Independent Commission Against Corruption heard was created “smack bang” on top of theObeidfamily’s rural property Cherrydale Park whileObeidwas in office.

The charges against father and son follow an explosive 2012 ICAC inquiry, which revealed theObeidfamily received a $30 million windfall from the coal deal.

The corruption uncovered in that inquiry and others involving former NSW Labor figures was famously described as “on a scale probably unexceeded since the days of the Rum Corps”.

The fact thatObeidhad beenchargedoverthe Mount Penny coal deal was suppressed to ensure thatObeidsenior suffered no prejudice in his recent criminal trial in the NSW Supreme Courtoverhis business dealings at Circular Quay.

He was convicted on June 28 of misconduct in public office and the Crown is pushing for a jail sentence. DuringObeid’s three-week trial the Supreme Court heard the then upper house MP lobbied Steve Dunn, then deputy chief executive of the state maritime authority, to benefit retail tenants at Circular Quay “under the cloak” of acting for arm’s-length constituents.

In fact,Obeidwas acting in his private interests. The jury heard his family had a secret interest in two cafes on wharves four and five at Circular Quay and they were among a group of tenants seeking to have their leases renewed without competing in a public tender.

August is set to be a busy month for the former Labor powerbroker. On August 12, Justice Robert Beech-Jones will hear submissions about a possible jail term forObeidoverthe Circular Quay cafes.

On August 29, Eddie and MosesObeidwill appear in the Downing Centre Local Court for a committal hearingoverthe conspiracy charges, slated to run for five days. The first two weeks of August will be taken up by a civil case in whichObeidand three of his five sons – Moses, Paul and Eddie jnr – are suing former ICAC commissioner David Ipp, counsel assisting Geoffrey Watson, SC, and another seven ICAC officers for “misfeasance in public office”.

The Obeids maintain they were unfairly targeted by the corruption watchdog and the family want damages for their economic loss and for the “significant stress, mental anxiety and injury” they claim to have suffered.

Other legal matters on foot for theObeidfamily include the ongoing stoush between the Australian Taxation Office and family matriarch JudyObeidand eight of her nine children.

In addition, Moses and Paul are being pursued in court by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for alleged bid-rigging conduct in relation to two lucrative coal exploration licences. One of the licences wasoverthe Mount Penny property.

The ACCC is seeking monetary penalties and costs as well as orders that the men be disqualified from managing companies for a set time.

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Letters to the editor

SWORN IN: The National Farmers Federation has welcomed the new Malcolm Turnbull ministry that was sworn in this week. New ministry is crucialTHENational Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has welcomed the appointment of the new Turnbull Ministry, led by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbulland Deputy Leader Barnaby Joyce.
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The NFF has developed strong relationships with the Coalition over the past three years, and we look forward to our continuing engagement with a renewed focus on creating opportunity and growth the agricultural sector.

We particularly welcome back Barnaby Joyce as Agriculture and Water Resources Minister, as well as his assistant ministers Anne Ruston and Luke Hartsuyker.

We look forward to continuing to work with Mr Joyce and his team to drive key outcomes for farmers and the wider sector.

We acknowledge the reappointment of many ministers to their respective portfolios, ensuring continuity of knowledge and expertise in areas of critical importance to the agricultural sector.

Key appointments of note include Steve Ciobo as Trade Minister, Julie Bishop as Foreign Affairs Minister, Scott Morrison as Treasurer, Mitch Fifield as Communications Minister; Nigel Scullion as Minister for Indigenous Affairs; Darren Chester as Minister for Infrastructure and Transport; and Angus Taylor as Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation.

We also welcome back Michaelia Cash as Minister for Employment; Peter Dutton as Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and Fiona Nash with her expanded portfolio responsibilities of Regional Development, Regional Communications, Local Government and the Territories – portfolios that play a major role in ensuring a sustainable farm workforce.

We congratulate Ministers and Assistant Ministers moving into new portfolio areas including Josh Frydenberg as Minister for the Environment and Energy; Kelly O’Dwyer as Minister for Revenue and Financial Services; Matt Canavan as the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia; Greg Hunt as Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Karen Andrews as Minister for Vocational Education and Skills; andMichael McCormack as Small Business Minister.

The NFF had five key priority areas leading into the Federal Election – and these remain our five key policy platforms now. We believe there is a vital need to: build a stronger workforce; supercharge farm business; invest in innovation and technology; lead the global marketplace; and balance farming and the environment.

Overall, keeping agriculture on the national agenda remains our key focus and we will continue to advocate that.

Brent Finlay

NFF president

Musicians given boostMUSICIANS wanting to promote and showcase their talents to overseas producers or develop contacts that could open the door to an international music career are invited to apply for NSW government funding.

Opportunity Development Grants Program can help local musicians and their managers develop the business and networking skills required to make it onto the world stage.

Musicians can apply for funding to help them land major tour support slots, take advantage of a unique performance opportunity or attend workshops that develop the professional skills necessary to operate at an international level.

This funding can be used to bring musicians to the attention of notable producers, presenters and industry professionals with overseas connections.

Musicians can apply for up to $850 for each person named in an application, to a maximum total of $5500 per group.

Round twoapplications opened on Monday and close onSeptember 6.

Full application details are available at梧桐夜网musicnsw南京夜网.

Adrian Piccoli

Member for Murray

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