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Workshops for tourism promoters

member for Cootamundra, Katrina Hodgkinson.
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Tourism operators in Destination Riverina, Murray, Southern NSW and Country & Outback NSW regions are being encouraged to attend upcoming workshops as part of the NSW First Program.

Workshops will offer operators the opportunity to learn the must-know tips and insights to deliver great visitor experiences; learn about targeting international visitors and how to be export ready and the importance of digital marketing channels.

Member for Cootamundra,KatrinaHodgkinson, said the 2016 workshops delivered by the State’s tourism and major events agency Destination NSW are aimed at providing tourism operators across Regional NSW with product development advice and industry resources to help grow tourism across the State.

“The Industry Development Workshop represents a wonderful opportunity for our tourism industry to learn about working with the media and tailoring your message as well as delivering quality food and drink experiences,”Katrinasaid.

“The Export Ready 101 Workshop is anopportunityto learn what it means to be export ready and how tourism experiences can be bought and sold through inbound sales and distribution channels,”Katrinasaid.

“The Digital Webinar Series are an opportunity for our tourism industry to make the most of online platforms and boost their business.

“The NSW government announced that NSW continues to attract more international visitors than any other state in Australia, with 3.6 million overseas visitors spending nearly $9 billion each year.

“Our region has so much to offer and we must ensure that our local tourism operators provide the very best products and experiences to visitors to maintain a competitive edge.”

Katrinasaid that after the success of the NSW First programs in previous years, more workshops have been offered this year.

“Destination NSW will deliver 30 workshops in 21 locations around NSW in addition to six new Digital Webinars for those who wish to participate online,” Katrinaadded.

For more information and to register, go to:梧桐夜网destinationnsw南京夜网419论坛/workshops.

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Race for council seats should be respectful

Having fought and won a campaign to prevent the merger of Shoalhaven and Kiama councils, the community rightly expects the election of the new council to be conducted in a respectful and transparent fashion.
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Having witnessed four years of untidy and at times acrimonious debate on the floor of council andaccusationsof bullying andexclusion of councillors not on the majority team, voters are hankering for a change in behaviour.

A departure from block voting also appears to be a major concern, one obviously recognised by Team Gash.

At the announcement of candidates on Monday, Mayor Joanna Gash stridently assured the media her team was made up of like-minded individuals. And new candidates Barry McCaffery and Katrina Condie were at great pains to reinforce the point.

Cr Gash also batted aside questions about her close political relationship with Gilmore MP Ann Sudmalis, whose recent lacklustre campaign she managed while taking leave from her civic duties. Whether voter dissatisfaction with Mrs Sudmalis’s performance will reflect on Team Gash remains to be seen. There is, however, a perceptible thirst for a loosening of longstanding grips on local power.

Whatever happens, voters have not reacted particularly well to the early shots fired in the campaign, namelythe distribution of a flyer authorised by G. Nosworthy, who in the past has lent his name to Greg Watson’s campaign. There is an expectation that local politics should be conducted in a more polite fashion than what is experienced at state and federal levels.

There is also a desire for a pause –a decent interval -in the politics to which we have been exposed for what will seem like an eternity come September 10.

With the announcement of candidates –a field well represented by former media people –the political chatter will intensify but if the community is to stay engaged it should at least be civil. And if any team takes the high ground of having policyrather than personality platforms its chances at the ballot box will be vastly improved.

With fresh faces entering the council race –among them three well known former media people who have witnessed destructive local politicsover the years –it is reasonable to expect a better standard of campaign this time around and a more balanced council after the process. Good government requires alternative viewpoints.

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UOW lays a golden egg for Illawarra economy

Dreams can come true: Elizabeth Eastland was excited to see the vision she was involved with from the beginning become a reality at the University of Wollongong Innovation Campus. Picture: Robert Peet.The opening of the iAccelerate buildingis the beginning of an excitingnew chapter for Wollongong.
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Founding chief executive Elizabeth Eastlandsaid the facility is everything she had hoped for whenher first task was to help people believe this could happen in the Illawarra.”I went to Waterloo andbrought back the vision.I not only wanted to make it happen but I wanted to create so much momentum that it would continue to grow,” she said.

Ms Eastland believes thatmomentum has begun. She is proud of what everyone involved from the community has achieved and excited about what it all means for the future.”It is not just a building. It is a symbol. It is spectacular. I think itwill be the start of a transformation and a movement within the Illawarra,” she said.

Ms Eastland sees iAccelerate as a beacon andDestination Wollongong’sMark Sleigh agreedsaying it is alandmark for acity of innovation.”The energy the building brings with it and the way people will bounceoff each otheris absolutely incredible”.

The Illawarra Connection president Roger Summerill described it as amilestone moment thatreinforcesthe importance of the university.”This is going to help accelerate the future growth of this city and region. Thewhole innovation campus is encouraging people to come and invest”.

NSW Business Chamber national corporate relations managerJo Spencer said it wasfocusing more national attention on Wollongong and its stand-out university.

“This is such an advantage for the city and for entrepreneurial startups and for students to get into innovative projects. It is really an important part of Wollongong’s future as it moves towards a knowledge economy,” she said.

RDA Illawarra chief executiveDebra Murphy said iAccelerate isalready bringing more vibrancy.”It means there are more growth opportunities now and a placefor businesses with seed ideas to flourish,” she said.

i3net executive officer Tony Green said “anything that will help grow new manufacturing businesses that canprovide opportunities for ourlocal industry is awesome”.

Ai Groupregional manager Leanne Grogan said it provided great opportunities foradvanced manufacturing.”iAccelerate is not just about startup companies. If a company has a good innovative idea they can actually put someone in here to develop that”.

Speaking for Advantage Wollongong,involvingUOW, council and the Department of Industry, Wollongongeconomic development manager Mark Grimson said it is an important moment forthe city’s evolution into the new knowledge economy that willmean our best and brightest do not have to leave.

“Thisprovides a further opportunity for Wollongong to showcase itself and promote itself and for people to see it in a different light. I think in many ways Wollongong is really coming of age and facilities like this just reinforce the many exciting things that are happening,” Mr Grimsonsaid.

iAccelerate chief executive OmarKhalifasaid iAccelerate willattract businesses, research and investment to a region becoming an innovation hub. And at a time when the changing demand on the workforce is being rapidly accelerated like never before.

“It is estimated that over the next 20 years 40 per cent of the jobs that exist today will no longer exist,” he said.

Ms Khalifa said that means we have to invent new jobs and a facility such as iAccelerate will help do that.

“It is a bold initiative that seeks to embrace the future and prepare the entire Illawarra for it,” he said.

University of Wollongong vice chancellor ProfessorPaul Wellings said iAccelerate willplaceWollongong wellfor a future that will be transformedby new enterprises and new companies we are yet to dream about.It is a space where many of those dreams can happen.

Prof Wellings said the vision is for iAccelerate to create 500 direct and 1000 indirect jobs by the end of the decade and attract an additional $70 million of investment to the regionaleconomy.

He said last week iAccelerate hosted an International Symposium on regional innovation and global leader on entrepreneurship Prof JerryEngel, of the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley,saw iAccelerate playing an important role in developing a strong and robust economy with an ability to adapt to change in an uncertain world.

Deputy vice-chancellor (research)Professor Judy Raperthinks of the purpose builtincubator and accelerator as a golden egg for the Wollongong economy. It will assistthe rapid growth of new businesses andattractother businessand investment to the region.Since 2012 the initiative has supported 65 startup companies which have created 143 jobs.

NSW Industry minister Anthony Roberts said the University of Wollongong contributed $2 billion into the national economic output in a state thatalready accounted for 50 per cent of national startups.

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What’s Australia’s most dangerous job?

A total of 25 per cent of all workplace fatalities in 2014 occurred as a result of construction related incidents. Photo Louie DouvisDeath and injury are not usually high on the list of concerns for the average office worker.
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But for those working in agriculture, forestry and fishing, perhaps they should be.

An analysis of the most recent data set from Safe Work Australia found the agriculture, forestry and fishing industry recorded the highest number of injuries and fatalities from 2003 to 2014, with the 686 deaths recorded accounting for 23 per cent of total workplace deaths in the period.

In 2013-14 the combined industry recorded the third-highest number of worker’s compensation claims, referring to 8.6 million hours worked.

“It’s no surprise, given commercial fishing is deemed as the most dangerous job on the planet,” said Michelle Hutchison, money expert at comparison website finder南京夜网419论坛, who compared the the Safe Work Australia data.

Transport, postal and warehousing was not far behind, with 549 transport-related deaths in workplaces. These industries and those of agriculture forestry and fishing all involve some form of driving of vehicle interaction, accounting for the high number fatalities.

Vehicle-related incidents remain the biggest killer in Australian workplace incidents, with road freight transport alone killing 423 workers in the 2003-2014 period.

The construction industry came in third on the list of most dangerous jobs, followed by manufacturing, mining, arts and recreation services, wholesale trade, health and community services, public administration and safety, and finally, administrative and support services.

Despite coming in eighth in terms of its risk level, health and community services recorded the highest number of serious injuries claims in 2013-14, totalling 17,415.

Forestry was among the industries to record 686 deaths in 2003-2014. Photo Louie Douvis

In ranking Australia’s most dangerous jobs, finder南京夜网419论坛 used the most recently released figures from Safe Work Australia.

“It was based on a weighting of 100:1 fatalities to injuries, with the number of deaths per 1000 workers and the number of serious injuries per 100,000 workers,” Ms Hutchison said.Statistics on work-related fatalities are published regularly in the Work-Related Traumatic Injury Fatalities report.

A spokesperson for Safe Work Australia said the statistics in the report show that the rate and number of work-related fatalities is declining.

“Between 2003 and 2014, the rate of work-related injury fatalities fell by 41 per cent from 2.75 fatalities per 100 000 workers in 2003 to 1.61 in 2014,” she said.

“Over the same period, the number of worker fatalities fell by 27 per cent from 259 to 188.”

Safe Work Australia said it is difficult to compare Australia’s work place fatalities to other countries, due to differences in the scope and methodology used by countries to collect fatality data.

“Areas of difference include the coverage of self-employed workers, the lack of data relating to road traffic fatalities and the incomplete coverage within the data of the working population.

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Some of the region’s best in badminton

Badminton club members standing: Graham Williams (Club Secretary), Alice Muffet, Robert Mayo, Tara, Alireza Mahdieh, (Benita – baby), Bo Stanmore, John Castles, Alex Saladino, Chris Sweeney, Rawson Leach, Mark Shanahan, Robert Muffet. Kneeling: Sue Woods, Erin Mayo, Jodie Mayo, Cory Mayo, Jack Loomes, Jay Bhakta (Club President) Megan McLauchlan (Asst. Treasurer). Members absent or missing in picture: Gayle Williams, Lorraine & Graham Everest, Rowan Woods, Darren Jelbart, Ben Mackay & Tracy Brown.The Forbes Badminton Club concluded another successful season with a presentation night on June 22.
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The club’s success is mainly driven by the enthusiasm and commitment of its members. Every season, the club loses a few members, as people change towns etcbut new members join bringing in a fresh round of enthusiasm.

We had six new members – Mark Shanahan, Alice and Robert Muffet, Ali andTara Mahdieh, and Darren Jelbart.

The new season commences on Wednesday July 27. Games are played every Wednesday at Forbes Highfor 21 weeks with finals on December 7, followed by Presentations on December 14.

Games commence at 6.30PM and finish by 9PM. First four weeks are social games suited for newcomers. Shuttles are provided. If you do not have a Badminton racket, you can hire one from the club. Students get 50 per centconcession.

Competitions commence August 24. Singles and doubles will be played in Grade A and B. For doubles, every alternate week will be played as a mixed grade for widening the experience. Games are played as per roster circulated by secretary, Graham Williams.

Most Improved – Alice Muffet.

Doubles Grade A: Jack Loomes and Jay Bhakta. Runners up – Bo Stanmore and Graham Everest.Doubles Grade B: Ali Mahdieh and Robert Muffet. Runners up – Jodie Mayo and Gayle Williams.

Singles Grade B: Megan McLauchlan. Runners up – Sue Woods.Singles Grade A and Club Champion: Jay Bhakta. Runners up – Bo Stanmore

(Standing) Jay Bhakta – Singles Grade A Winner and Club Champion and Megan McLauchlan ​Grade B Winner (kneeling) Bo Stanmore ​and Sue Woods – Runners Up respectively in Singles Grade A and B.

FBC is lucky to have one of the Best Badminton Courts in the Central West Region – the floors are proper wooden floors with lines well marked and the courts are well maintained. A big thanks to Forbes High School. Those living at Forbes with an interest to play or learn Badminton, should consider joining FBC.

Badminton can be played at a pace suited to the player, as we play both singles and doubles and in two grades.

The FBC would like to throw down the gauntlet for someone to come and try to match or surpass the smash speeds of FBC’s fastest smashers – John Castles and Bo Stanmore.

For more information, e-mail FBC President Jay Bhakta at [email protected]南京夜网 or text Jay on 0418 480 728. Full information on Facebook page – look for Forbes Badminton Club.

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