Comets crash after loss to Stars

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In spite of winning the first game of their match against the Stars this week; the Comets came crashing back to earth after a terrible trouncing of 136 points.

This first bout was a very spirited affair. Cheng Toh of the Stars rose to the occasion.

She had the steadfastness of Andrew Williams backing her up as they pushed Neville Flood and Kenton Franks to their limits, winning the first game 21:19.

After the change of ends the Comets kept up the pressure with Andrew and Cheng replying in kind.

The Comets were equally triumphant in the second but this time Andrew and Cheng were right there with them at 20:20.

The Comets scraped over the line by a mere point.

Batool Aziz was a real asset for the Comets as she gave as good as she got playing against her number 3 counterpart Daniel Veluswamy of the Stars.

Daniel drew first blood when he and Brodie defeated Batool and Jonty 42:36.

Batool got her own back when she was partnered by the ever dependable Kenton Franks.

Every point was heavily contested with Batool making full use of her height and reach. Cheng of the Stars is a master of the short drop shot delivered from the front of the court.

Kenton and Daniel more than ably covered the depths of the court and so an exciting game ensued.

Batool and Kenton achieved their aim of the ultimate score of 42 while Daniel and Cheng were happy to take 36 back to the Stars scoreboard.

By this time the Stars were well ahead by a massive 64 points.

Stars 625 defeated Comets 493

The match between the Meteors and the Moons was also a very one sided contest.

The Moons only dropped 3 points in both the first and second rounds.

The Meteors were by this stage already lagging behind by 74 points.

In a valiant effort to make up ground, Russell Goode and Rosie Arnold showed no mercy when they capitalised upon the lack of concentration of the Moon’s pair Robyn and Gary Holthouse.

Gary and Robyn kept apace in the first game with a score of 18 but just couldn’t work out what strategy to deploy in order to shakeup their oppositions’ stream of steady and assured winning shots.

It was all over in no time with the Meteors taking the much needed 42 to their sadly lacking bottom line.

Naomi Kilsby had a dream run all night with her opposing number 5 Andrew Buckney not realising until their very last encounter that to play Naomi at her own game you need to modify your own style.

Naomi is a left hander who takes advantage of the unwary at every opportunity.

Gary Holthouse and Paul Berry’s team the Moons were sitting pretty by the time they took on Jeff Yeh and Russell Goode who were playing for the Meteors.

The Moons already had the match in the bag with a lead of 119 points.

What ensued was a very mediocre effort by these two with the Meteors making amends to some degree with a 42 to 32 win at the close of proceedings.

Moons 617 defeated Meteors 508

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