Comments invoke hatred, fear and racism

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That’s the way many are starting to feel about the wider population of Australia.

This week there have again been “identities”, not mentioning any names (Sonia Kruger) spouting the need to ban Muslims from Australia.

What an absolute disgrace this is.

Even more concerning is the number of “friends” popping up on personal social media accounts throwing their support behind these comments.

When did Australians become so jaded and fearful?

Not to mention racist.

There is obviously a lot of turmoil and unrest throughout the world.

However, to solely blanket blame an entire body of humans is wrong.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist just like not all males are rapists.

To say all Muslims should be banned from entering Australia is not a solution.

In actual fact it would only breed more hate and make Australia a bigger target than it probably already is.

The issue is the need to work out how to stop these terrorism attacks from occurring and how to prevent people from being radicalised.

That cannot be done overnight and it isn’t an easy task.However, working on that is a better solution than breeding hate, racism and fear.

Ms Kruger in her statement that all Muslims should be banned from Australia directly correlated her opinion with the attacks in Nice.

Sure, this man was a Muslim, but he wasn’t a practicing Muslim.He drank, was a “womaniser” and didn’t attend Mosque.

For Australians to think it would be okay to ostracise Muslims really is an outrage and makes one’s skin crawl.

What happened to remembering that we are all human?There are some nasty people out there, but not everyone is like that.

One person being a murderer doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of their family is, so why are people so quick to jump on the bandwagon with this?

For those of this mindset that all problems and terrorismin the world are caused by Muslims –go back in time and have a good, long look at the history books.

People of all religions have committed atrocious acts against humanity. It is definitely time some got off their high horse on this issue as it isn’t helping.

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