Facts might be vexing, but they are crucial

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“Facts are stupid things,” US president Ronald Reagan once said.

He soon corrected his slip of the tongue and produced the correct quote, referring to facts as stubborn things, as per the original line from another US president, John Adams.

The original Adams quote remains pertinent to this day.

“Facts are stubborn things,” Adams said in 1770 while acting asa defence lawyer in a murder trial.

“And whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence …”

Cradle Coast Authority project officer Chelsea Bell shows some of the authority’s community and economic profile data material for the region.

Come to think of it, the Reagan (mis)quote remains pertinent too, given how much decision making is made regardless of, or even in spite of, the actual facts.

Most of us would have worked out that we make better decisions after a little research into the facts and some consideration of their implications.

Doing some homework on housing and vehicle purchases are some of the bigger financial areaswhen this applies, and it is also the case in how we interact socially.

Buying a house at a good price is one thing.

Buying a house at a good price when the roof is about to cave in is something else again, for example.

We know all this from our own lives, but often, it seems, political decision making is based on preconceived views and/or ideology, rather than facts.

Happily, the Cradle Coast Authority is doing its part forevidence-based policy and decision making.

It has invested in evolving economic and social data sets which can help build an accurate picture of the reality of the region.

Its work has potential to be vital to council and authority decision making, and potentially willalso prove to be a useful tool for business investment and for state and federal governments and their agencies.

It is all very well for someone to put up a proposal and seek business, council, state or federal cash.

Relevant, accurate data can serve to either underline the need orbusiness case for particular spending, or absolutely torpedo it.

The sorts of data the CCA possesses can teach us about our strengths and weaknesses, our abundance in some areas and our lacks in others.

It can help identify real needs and opportunities, and also expose dead ends.

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