Fate is in their hands

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ROCK AND ROLL: Port Pirie band Cheap Fate have just released their latest single and are ready to take on the musical world. Their unique brand of punk rock has previously won them Battle of the Bands in Murray Bridge.Four high school students havejoinedtogether to show the world everything they have -with their talent, personality and passion to pursue their dreams.

Singer Tyler Paterson, guitarist Jake Tilley, bass player Luke Pearce and and drummer Rochelle Veltman make upPort Pirieband Cheap Fate.

The band just released their new single ‘Twisted’ on Triple J Unearthed.

When asked how they wrote the song, Tyler said that he“was quite bored that day so I decided to write a song and whatever came to mind I wrote down”.

The wentto Adelaide to record the songwith funding from their school making it possible.

Challenges during the recording included technical parts such asperfecting the bass riff.

Forming in 2014, the four have worked hard ever since whether it is writing, rehearsing or playing.

The band have had some gigsplaying Battle of the Bands at Murray Bridge.

“We won first place for that. That was cool,” Tyler said.

Cheap Fate have many friends that have asked them to play gigs, making it easier to find shows to play.

“If we had to organiseone by ourselves, we wouldprobably struggle,” Jake said.

There were many band names discussedbut CheapFate is the one they chose.

“It is not the bestbut we had it since the start, you stick with the name that everyone knows you by,” Tyler said.

Jake said that when growing up he wanted to be like the bands Green Day, Blink 182,Led Zeppelin and Metallica, but the band agreed they are similar to Paramore.

It is said that having a country singer in the band sets them apart from any other group, giving the grouptheir own personal touch.

They all agree that starting a band in Port Pirie is a challenge but with the internet on their side it makes it easier to get heard.

Future plans for the band involve a worldwide tour to play for anyone who enjoys their music however right now the main goal for the band is to expose themselves to the world.

Jake said the band wanted to “get as far as we can with it”.

Tyler agreed, saying “we want to put ourselves out there and get heard.”

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