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BIG EFFORT: Cooinda Court’s Patricia Butler (left) and Margaret Hill (right) accept a cheque from Hume Group CWA’s Ellen Williams and Gail Commens.Apologies for omissionI refer to the front page article in your paper on June 30 relating to the sizable donation to Cooinda Court by CWA of NSW of the part of the proceeds from the sale of the former CWA rooms in Junee.
Nanjing Night Net

I wish to thank the members of the Junee Evening Branch of CWA who first suggested this donation to the association.

Junee Evening Branch’s contribution towards this wonderful donation should have been acknowledged at the presentation ceremony in June, and on behalf of many of my fellow CWA members at the grass roots level who know the background of this matter I apologise for this omission.

I also commend the branch for their organisation of the Community Domestic Violence Forum held in Junee several weeks ago.We should all encourage and assist this relatively new branch whose members’ fresh ideas are a great asset to our town and the association.

Margaret Wright


Athenium concernsThere has been word about town that the Athenium Theatre is going to have a disabled access ramp across the front of it with steps removed etc.

Wouldn’t this ruin the appearance of the building? I’m sure there are other cost-effective measures that c be employed that are much less obtrusive. I urge to council to re-consider this proposal.

After all the wonderful work that has been carried out on the inside of the theatre, why ruin the outside of a heritage-listed building?

Concerned Citizen


Mr Maguire, please explainI am hopeful that the Member for Wagga Mr Daryl Maguire, MP may be able to help out with a couple of queries that people have concerning his government’s proposed ban on greyhound racing in NSW from July 1, 2017. In 1998 I wrote to the Federal Minister for Justice inquiring about being found guilty and punished for a non-existent offence. Part of the advice I received from the Minister’s office stated that, “It is not possible for a person to be found guilty of a non-existent offence.”

If Premier Baird’s decision to ban greyhound racing is allowed to stand then that advice is wrong. Media reports say that less than 20 per cent of all greyhound trainers in NSW were involved in live baiting, the prime reason for the ban. Although the other 80 per cent of trainers who have committed no offences and are completely innocent of any wrongdoing, they will still have to pay the same heavy penalty as the guilty parties. They will have their sport and livelihood taken away from them because of the actions a few. Apparently, Premier Baird believes that they are guilty by association – the attribution of guilt (without proof) to individuals because of the people they associate with are guilty. The questions I would like to raise with Mr Maguire are:

Is the advice I received from the Federal Minister for Justice wrong because, apparently, your government has found that 80 per cent of all greyhound trainers are guilty of non-existent offences. How is this possible ?

Could you cite the specific legislation that justifies your government’s authority to punish innocent greyhound trainers when they are completely innocent of any wrongdoing ?

The High Court of Australia (HCA) has ruled that a person can only be punished for a breach of the law. He can be punished for nothing else. A ruling by the HCA is binding on all courts and judges in the Australian Judicature (Phillips v The Queen [2006] HCA 4). How can your government ignore a ruling by HCA ?

I can assure Mr Maguire that all his loyal constituents will be eagerly awaiting his response.

Geoff Field


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