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CONTROVERSIAL: Deputy Premier Troy Grant says he had no choice but to support a ban on greyhound racing, but others say it is an over-reaction.Read the full dogs report and you’ll understandBEING a leader is about making tough decisions that are ultimately for the greater good.
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Recently I had to make one of those tough decisions, and that was to support the end of greyhound racing in NSW by July 1 next year.

The decision followed a Special Commission of Inquiry report that was over a year in the making to really get to the bottom of what’s wrong in the greyhound racing industry, following shocking allegations of live baiting – using live animals to train greyhounds – in the industry.

Like many of you, I’ve enjoyed a day out and a punt at the dog track and simply banning things is not in my nature.

However, after reading the report and getting my head around the depth of animal cruelty in the industry I had no other choice.

The findings of the report disgusted me: as many as 68,000 healthy greyhounds were killed over the last 12 years for not being fast enough, up to one fifth of trainers use the horrific live baiting practice and there is little appetite for the industry to change.

Since the findings have come to light, senior people within the greyhound industry have refused to accept these problems and continue to defend the way the industry has operated.

Some people are saying: “Why not give the industry another chance to reform?”

The former High Court Justice who conducted the inquiry was emphatic in saying that even if the industry was reformed, he believed these practices would return once the harsh spotlight of commission was removed.

That’s a chance this Government was not willing to take.

What also came out in the inquiry report was that the industry was already planning a significant downsizing due to it not being economically viable in its current state.

This would have meant the closure of up to 19 regional tracks.

With our decisive action, we’re now actually able to provide government financial assistance and employment transition support to those in the industry with racetracks closing – something that would not have happened under the industry’s downsizing plan.

I strongly urge those battling with this issue to take the time to read the Commission’s report and you will understand why the government has taken this path.

You can find it at梧桐夜网greyhoundracinginquiry.justice.nsw.gov419论坛.

NSW Deputy Premier Troy Grant So now a few bad apples can destroy an industryI FEAR that NSW is fast becoming a “nanny state”where people in Sydney decide what is bestfor all of us without consultation.

A new low is abolishing greyhound racing in NSW and the ACT.

Every industry has a few bad apples. In saying that, it is absolutely draconian to place such aban on greyhound racing.

Similarly, Premier Mike Baird’s actions would have all industry and business worried that a few peoplecan bring down a whole industry by their actions.

The tone of being politically correct is starting to restrict the personal freedoms of everyonein Australia.

The results of the recent federal election should, however, have made it clear to those inelected power that people in the mainstream community are simply not being listened to.

When governments ask for a “mandate”, they now seem to be asking instead for a “politically-correct”date.

It is the height of arrogance for the state government to now be telling us that greyhoundracing is no good.

This decision needs to be re-addressed with great caution, as the political backlash will besignificant and will not be easily forgotten.

Grahame Danaher,Lithgow, co-owner of the 2009 Golden Muzzle winning greyhound Silent HillThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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