SUPPORT FOR PAULINEPauline Hanson is no fool. (re ABC QandA, Monday, 18 July.)
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She is well groomed, polite and adept at answering the loaded questions.

Only the inner Cabinet would be informed about pending legislation. Not Pauline, who doesn’t even have her Parliamentary office and has not been briefed.

Pauline expresses the thoughts of the silent majority, of whom I am one.

I congratulate Pauline for the strength and courage of her convictions and wish her “Godspeed” as she commences this term in the Senate.

Helen Keller is quoted as saying: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Lois Edlington


RACING INJUSTICEMy reason for writing this letter is because of what I consider to the gross unfairness of the treatment handed out to Mr Cody Morgan and Mr Robert Clement in the recent judicial hearing in Tamworth.

I am not saying they are not guilty of the charges. I don’t know Mr Clement or Mr Morgan personally but the treatment handed out them has been grossly unfair. Racing NSW also has a lot to answer for the way this has been handled.

Code named Trentbridge Mr Morgan and Mr Clement are the first people to be charged under the race fixing laws introduced in 2012.

They have been found guilty of engaging in conduct to corrupt the betting outcome of the 2013 Tamworth Cup.

It is the first major test of the landmark legislation.

They have been found guilty of drenching a horse to corrupt the betting outcome of the Tamworth Cup in 2013 and gain a financial windfall.

However, Mr Morgan was only betting $100 each way.The crown had no evidence that Mr Clement had a bet on the race.Acting Judge Charteris said the charges were not easily detectable offences.

Racing NSW chairman of stewards, Mr Mark Van Gestel said there was no formal policy around the “new legislation” concerning Mr Morgan and Mr Clement.

Over three years of intense financial and emotional hardship, estimated at $250,000, they still have imprisonment hanging over their head.They have already served a year of disqualification.Mr Morgan wasn’t able to train for 18 months before being given his licence back.

Why has he been given his full licence back?Why has he had to go through this awful process when other trainers may still be doing the same thing.

In one of the court hearings a legal representative for Mr Morgan presented a letter purportedly showing that samples (blood and urine) taken from the horse (Prussian Secret) had returned an all clear reading.

How can they regard it as corruption and race fixing when they were only trying to ensure Prussian Secret ran at his best.

They weren’t administering any enhancing drugs. They weren’t influencing any other horses in the race. And they were only betting a small amount on the race. I cannot help but think Racing NSW, through its inaction, has let the legal system make an example of two men who deserve much more than what they have received.

Dudley Tickle


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Fiona Ferguson

Peel Valley Editor

SHE’S NO FOOL: Pauline Hanson is one of Australia’s most well known politicians. Photo: Wolter Peeters, The Sydney Morning Herald

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