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Snapped: A photo taken over Port Macquarie of a halo around the sun. Taken by Rebecca King.Tell the real storyI’m really disappointed to see a front page article supporting greyhound racing.

Have you contacted any of the many wonderful greyhound rescue groups for their comments.

Did your reporter ask the people in the article what happens to their dogs when they fail to win, or get injured or reach the age of about 4 and considered too old to race?The rescue groups would be more than happy to supply these details.

My daughter adopted a beautiful, healthy 18 month old greyhound two years ago.

This lovely girl was saved by a determined greyhound rescue group. She and her sister had been taken to the vet to be euthanised because they had no desire to chase.

These two girls were adopted into loving homes.One year after these two sisters were rescued, a third sister of the same litter was surrendered.

It’s all very well for those involved in greyhound racing to say they do the right thing and treat their dogs well but it falls to those dedicated, animal loving rescue groups to pick up the pieces.

Tricia McGuirk

Get bikes off footpathsI’m becoming increasingly annoyed, in relation to people who think is legal to ride their skateboards and pushbike on CBD footpaths.

I am a regular passenger on Port Macquarie buses, and I often have near misses when young people choose to ride at speed along footpaths along Clarence St.

I have complained countless times to police, council and Leslie Williams, all who say those flouting the law need to be caught in the act. Enough is enough people like myself with disabilities deserve a bit better than what we experience.

Brodie Rafferty,Port Macquarie

The right decisionBeing a leader is about making tough decisions that are for the greater good.Last week I had to make one of those tough decisions, and that was to end greyhound racing in NSW by 1 July next year.

The decision followed a Special Commission of Inquiry Report that was over a year in the making and had the powers of a Royal Commission to really get to the bottom of what’s wrong in the greyhound racing industry.The findings of the report disgusted me: as many as 68,000 greyhound were killed over the last 12 years for not being fast enough.

Some people are saying: “why not give the industry another chance, reform them not close them?’’.

The former High Court Justice who conducted the inquiry was emphatic in saying that even if the industry was reform, he believed these practices would return once the harsh spotlight of commission was removed. That’s a chance this Government was not willing to take.

What also came out in the inquiry report was that the industry was already planning a significant downsizing due to it not being economically viable in its current state. I strongly urge those battling with this issue to take the time to read the Commission’s report.

Troy Grant,NSW Deputy Premier

Stop eating meatIf Prime Minister Turnbull and his new government want to have a lasting impact on Australiaand the world, he will campaign to cut Australia’s meat consumption byat least50 per cent, much like the Chinese government is doing.

Australians eats more meat than people in any other country. We devoured more than 90 kilograms of meat per capita in 2014. That’s not something to be proud about.

The Chinese eat about 60kg per capita and are planning a campaign to reduce that by half.

Eating meat causes immense animal suffering, life-threatening health problems, and widespread environmental destruction.

Ashley Fruno,PETA Australia

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