Rutherford couple’s extreme New Zealand adventure after ferry ride in high seas

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When Rutherford couple Ethan Rumble and Samantha Dorn booked their New Zealand holiday, they knew they had planned the getawayof a lifetime, but this week they got much more than they bargained for.

The pair had spent a week in the North Island and on Monday boarded a ferry for the voyage fromWellington toPicton in the south.

The ferry’s captain made an announcement about rough conditions through Cook Strait with a swell of up to seven metres.

“Atfirst we thought it would be a bit of a joyride but it became worse and was pretty scary,” Mr Rumble said.

He said the ferry was full with about 200 people on board, cars and other freight.

“We sat towards the front of the ferry and could see we were heading straight into these massive waves about an hour into the three and a half hour trip.”

“People were really starting to panic. There were a lot of young families on board with children screaming and crying.

CALM BEFORE THE STORM: Ethan Rumble and Samantha Dorn both of Rutherford, leaving Wellington this week.

“At one stage it was sorough Sam and I had to try to secure ourselves to a table bolted onto the boat. People were getting injured and just about everyone was throwing up into their sick bags,” he said.

Mr Rumble said the captain was continually apologising to the passengers. “But he said we would push on for another 10 minutes the then turn to head to the South Island and that’s when we got slammed,” Mr Rumble said.

Instead of heading front oninto the swell the ferry was copping it from the side, at one stage almost completely goingunder.

“That first turn was the worst part of the trip,” Mr Rumble said.

“We took a wave to the side and rolled left to right and almost tipped completely over. We actually thought the ferry was going to flip,” he said.“People were falling onto the ground and getting injured.”

TVNZ reported thataferry travelling in the opposite direction lost part of its load when ab-train (trailer unit) containing chilled goods was lost overboard.Maritime NZ understands it was a refrigerated trailer and towing unit that went overboard.No truck was attached to the trailers.

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Troy Windle reflects on a “golden” junior soccer match with Muswellbrook Eagles

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GLORY DAYS: Decades of sporting memories across the Hunter One of Troy Windle’s team photos.

Troy having an after game drink with his brother Peter.

FRIENDS: Troy Windle (left) celebrating his birthday after the win.

READY TO GO: Troy Windle before his birthday game with team mate Mitchell Small.

STARTING EARLY: Troy Windle was a Golden Eagle from a young age.

Troy as a young player before a game.

TweetFacebook Golden Eagles memories Troy Windle had many great soccer moments growing up in Muswellbrook.THE day was July 10, 1982, andanother junior Golden Eagles game had kicked off.

To any bystander, it was a normal game of soccer in Muswellbrook.

But, for birthday boy Troy Windle, it was lining up to be a day he would never forget.

The under-11’s home game against Kurri Kurri became a lasting lifelong memory for the Muswellbrook resident.

MEMORIES: Troy Windle revisited the field he spent hours playing soccer as a child.

“From the opening whistle they moved the ball about in bewildering fashion and it was only minutes before Troy Windle celebrated his birthday with a fine goal,” read the report in the Muswellbrook Chronicle on July 16, 1982.

“Good wingers Sean Fish and Matthew Delforce enabled Troy to score two more first half goals –one a sizzling header.”

Three goals and a win made the game a highlightfor Mr Windle, among years of treasured Eagles memories.

More than 30 years later, Mr Windle brought two of his four sons,Tylerand Harley Wembley,back to the field where he spent many hours growing up.

“They all played when they were little and they werebrilliant to watch,” he said of his sons.

Beyond the excitement of his hat trick, Mr Windle enjoyed being a part of his team over the years.

“I’m proud of the achievements me and my team accomplished when we were juniors,” he said.

SPORTING GLORYDo you ever reflect on your greatest sporting moment? Whether you were an eager six-year-old or a young adult making a first-grade debut, wewant to hear your story.

Send the story and a photograph to jessica,[email protected]南京桑拿南京夜生活 to be featured in our Glory Days series.

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Judge orders farmers to pay legal costs after multi-million dollar court case

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Holly Raper before the 2011 quad bike crash

Tasmanian farmers David and Jocelyn Bowden have been ordered to pay legal costs for a British backpackerwho was left a quadriplegic following a 2011 quad bike crash at their King Island dairy farm.

Justice Stephen Estcourt handed down his final judgment in the Supreme Court in Hobart on Monday, awarding Holly Raperjust over $12.26 million.

That figurewas about $280,000 more than entered in Justice Estcourt’s draft judgment last week.

Justice Estcourtordered Mr and Mrs Bowden pay Ms Raper’s legal costs on Monday, which are expected to be several million dollars.

Hearings were held in Tasmania and the United Kingdom in April and May.

Ms Raper is in a minimally conscious state and requires around the clock medical care following the 2011 accident at the farm where was working.

Her lawyer, Slater and Gordon’s Brian Hilliard, said Ms Raper’s mother Elaine had told him she was happy with the outcome.

A potential claim amount of $40 million was mentioned during the trial, but Mr Hilliard said that was not an amount Mrs Raper had asked for.

“That $40 million figure came from a document that was tendered in court and mentioned by a judge,” he said.

“We didn’t factor in any life expectancy deductions because we wanted Justice Estcourt to make a decision about that.”

Justice Estcourt ruled Mr and Mrs Bowden had been negligent and were liable for Ms Raper’s injuries.

The court heard Ms Raper had not been provided with a helmet or training about how to operate a quad bike.

It also heard the quad bike Ms Raper was ridinghad a number of defects.

In making his judgment, Justice Estcourt ruledMs Raper’s life expectancy was likely to be limited to the next 15 years.

The Bowdens have entered bankruptcy since the accident, withinsurance company GIOresponsible for settling the payout.

The Advocate

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Could you live in a tiny house with children?

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US parents Kim and Ryan Kasl are raising two young children without benefit of washer, dryer or TV. And they’re doing it in a tiny 24.8-square-metre house.

But they don’t feel deprived. “This is a choice,” Kim Kasl says of her family’s decision to live a minimalist life in a portable one-room cottage perched next to a sparkling lake in Minnesota.

The choice has allowed the family to get by on one income, to home-school their kids and “instil amazing values – valuing experiences and time together over stuff we store in our house”.

The tiny house doubles as a school room. Photo: Richard Tsong-Taatarii

It’s been almost two years since the couple and their children – Sully, 7, Story, 6, and Brinkley their shih tzu – downsized from a 185-square-metre suburban rambler to their tiny house. They had to shed most of their furniture, shoes and clothes, toys and their big-screen TV.

Their dishes now fit in one drawer. “Everybody’s got a plate. If one breaks, we go to Goodwill and get another,” Kim Kasl says.

“Evening at the campfire. Today was a gardening day! And a jumping off the dock day!” Photo: Instagram

Kim Kasl inside the family’s tiny house. Photo: Richard Tsong-Taatarii

Impractical, special-occasion clothing, such as high heels, were purged. “I have one pair of jeans.”

But the couple accepted the spartan realities of tiny-house living because they were eager to embrace a life unencumbered by debt, burdensome belongings and endless household chores. And they say it feels like freedom, even after weathering two winters in such close quarters.

“We love it,” says Kim Kasl, a former wedding photographer who does the home-schooling. She remains an upbeat cheerleader for tiny-house living, speaking at events and blogging at blessthistinyhouse南京桑拿. “When you eliminate excess and unnecessary things that cause you stress, what’s left is everything good.”

“Everything is GREEN! ???? We have flowers blooming, birds singing, and kids jumping in the lake! I’m excited for all of the white trim to be painted brown, along with the pvc pipe venting the composting toilet. Then maybe I’ll work paint the shed. And we’ll be aesthetically complete!” Photo: Instagram

Not that there haven’t been challenges, she admits, starting with finding the right place to put their tiny house. Zoning and building codes have not caught up with the tiny-house movement.

“We were roadblocked, roadblocked, roadblocked.”

Finally they found a lakeside lot, which formerly held two RVs. It wasn’t suitable for building a normal-sized new house, but there was room for a tiny house.

Kasl can’t think of a thing she doesn’t like about life in their micro house, although she would like an in-home alternative to the laundromat.

Ryan Kasl, who works as a special education administrator, appreciates the financial benefits of simpler living. The family was able to build the tiny house for around US$30,000 ($39,600), thanks to hands-on help from family members and discounts and connections they were able to access as part of appearing on TV’s Tiny House Nation.

The couple say it has freed up funds for travel, including a trip to the Tiny House Jamboree next month, where Kim will be a featured speaker.

“We’ve had a lot of adventures and new experiences,” she says. “We don’t feel our life is tiny.”

Tiny houses, it seems, are everywhere. There are countless books and TV shows about how to find, build and live in them, and you can’t log on to your laptop without seeing a tiny-house Facebook link or YouTube video. But while many people are curious about drastic downsizing, very few are taking the plunge.

Tiny homes – under 46 square metres – represent a growing but still very tiny slice of the housing market, less than half of 1 per cent of all homes for sale in the US this year, according to Trulia, a residential real estate website.

The Kasls’ tiny house features a sleeping loft – a raised platform at each end of the single room, connected by a narrow catwalk. It also comes with a composting toilet, small wood-burning stove and clever but minimal storage space.

Each child has three small plastic bins for storing their entire wardrobe. The family also has a good-sized storage shed next door where they stash toilet paper, paper towels and off-season clothing.

During the summer months, their lake setting is idyllic. The kids play outside, the family eats meals at their picnic table and they have a campfire just about every night.

“In the winter, we go to the ‘Y’, the library, visit family and friends,” says Kim Kasl.

When they want to gather a large group, they meet at a restaurant – or use Airbnb to rent “someone else’s big house”.

– Star Tribune

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How to not have your dog destroy your house

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So, our dog ate our couch.

For too long my partner and I wanted a dog, but when that moment finally arrived a week ago it proved a bit overwhelming.

We returned home one day to find a priceless ornament torn to shreds, my shoes chewed up and cleaning products laying in various dog beds.

The white couch – the part that’s not already eaten by the dog – is now always coated in mud.

To stop your canine friend from destroying your house, experts say it’s about keeping them mentally stimulated. Dog-proofing your house

Keira and the couch, before it was eaten. Photo: Chris Pritchard

Whether it’s a puppy or an older dog, applied canine behaviourist and dog trainer Cat Saunders of The K9 Company says many of their behaviours can be very similar if they haven’t had training.

Saunders likens adopting a dog to having a crawling baby, where everything within reach could end up in their mouth.

“Don’t leave things laying around like your shoes and socks because dogs can be rather opportunistic,” she says.

“If they see it and you’re not supervising them, then they’ll certainly have a grand old time chewing up your things.”

The more often a dog has an opportunity to display a behaviour, the more it’s being reinforced, Saunder adds. And like everything, prevention is better than cure.

Keep shoes in a cabinet as opposed to on a rack, and ensure there isn’t anything hazardous or sentimental within reach.

Pushing the dining room chairs in and removing any other furniture they can jump on to prevent them from accessing items higher up. Deterrent sprays can also work.

It’s never too late to confine those who have already given their dogs free reign of the house. Photo: Natalie Boog

Saunders says pet owners should give their dog the level of freedom they can deal with responsibly.

“If it’s a young pup, you can confine it to an area, where it’s got the ability to move around freely, go to the toilet et cetera ??? at least then you’re limiting how much destruction they can cause.” Protecting your items could protect your dog

Pet owners should give their dog the level of freedom they can deal with responsibly. Photo:Getty

Veterinary behaviour specialist Kersti Seksel of Sydney Animal Behaviour Services says leaving socks and shoes laying around can create problems if dogs ingest them.

Socks can cause blockages, which may result in surgery, she says, and gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhoea.

To get outside, dogs can even eat doors and window frames.

“If they have separation anxiety or they’re frightened of noises, you’ll often find that animals can become quite destructive,” Seksel says.

“They’ll try to get out windows and doors, and they’ll eat venetian blinds and furniture – and it’s not because they’re naughty, and it’s not because they’re bored [and that’s what everybody thinks], these dogs are actually very, very distressed because they’ve been left alone.

“Often people get really upset with the dog because they come home to this mountain of destruction, but in fact the dog is communicating with them and saying ‘help me, help me; I’m really upset, I’m really distressed’.” Don’t get into a routine

A tired dog is a good dog. Photo:Darren Pateman

Dog trainer and behaviour consultant Tamara Jackman of Underdog Training recommends regularly changing the daily routine, such as feeding and walking.

“The thing with having a really set routine like most people tend to have is that the dog develops really firm expectations,” she says.

“That’s fine if we meet those expectations really consistently, but the problem is we tend to change even from weekday to weekend.

“So things vary, and that’s where sometimes dogs can get anxious or frustrated because they don’t understand why – for instance – they’re not getting their regular walk at 5.30AM/PM and it’s a bit later.” Is it possible to keep your house clean?

A clean dog means a clean house, so remember to frequently groom your hound and wash them semi-regularly.

For a long-haired dog and coated breeds, Jackman says to trim around their paws and ensure the area is free of hair to reduce the amount of water and mud they bring inside.

She also recommends having a towel or a rug in doorways where the dogs are coming through, and rugs for the high-traffic areas of the house. Alternatively, owners could confine their dogs to non-carpeted areas of the house.

Consider buying big throw rugs for your couch – ones that you can easily take off and wash – to protect it from muddy paw prints

Jackman says feeding the dogs a really good quality diet means they will smell better, which could make a significant difference to your furniture and carpet. How to keep your dog occupied

Making sure your dog has access to toys they enjoy playing with is key, but it’s not always financially viable to keep buying new ones.

Jackman suggests dividing the toys into two to four groups and rotating them every few days, rather than giving them access to everything.

“That makes a really big difference to the longevity and the interest that the dog has in a toy,” she says.

Pet owners can also provide interactive and treat dispensing toys, and change up the food they put in it to spark their interest again.

Keira occupies herself with a kong. Photo: Haylee Pritchard

Saunders says mental stimulation is very important; all dogs like to smell so consider giving them scent-oriented games and scattering their food around in the backyard as opposed to putting it in a bowl.

Try freezing water and a kong with foods and treats, and hiding them inside an art deco brick or sand pit. Putting a food bowl upside down also means they don’t eat their dried kibbles within seconds.

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Darlinghurst dump to undergo multi-million dollar makeover

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The buyer of the worst house on a Darlinghurst street, an unwanted dump that’s been empty for 30 years, is set to make a windfall of up to $3 million on his purchase.

That derelict ugly duckling site is about to undergo a multi-million makeover to turn it into a $7.4 million apartment building.

Neighbours were shocked when the ramshackle house on Surrey Street, with holes in the ceiling, walls and floors, was sold for $2.25 million in October last year. But now the buyer is having the last laugh.

A Development Application has just been approved for a five-level unit block housing 10 studio apartments, designed by Gelder Architects and named Soho on Surrey. The build cost has been quoted at between $1.8 million and $2.3 million, leaving a substantial profit.

The studios, with internal sizes ranging from 30-45 square metres and each having either a balcony or courtyard, are to go for sale off the plan in September. Prices will range from $640,000 to $830,000 for the two largest, split-level mezzanine apartments. [dm-before-after] [/dm-before-after]

“It’s just a good street in a great location,” says agent Dominic D’Ettorre, principal of D’Ettorre Real Estate. “We’re just waiting for the construction certificate to be issued, then we can go ahead with the sales.”

Surrey Street is a quiet, tree-lined street running between busy Craig End Road in Kings Cross and Victoria Street in Darlinghurst. It’s made up mostly of terrace housing, much of which has been renovated into smart, contemporary homes.

The site at 74-76 Surrey Street has been the exception. One of the two buildings there was once a cobbler’s shop, with the second on the same title used as two one-bedroom apartments. Later, they were both inhabited by a bohemian artists’ colony until its members moved on.

The site has been an eyesore for many years, as it crumbled into dereliction, and the back garden became an overgrown jungle. Neighbours were worried that it could cause danger to adjoining sites and prove a breeding ground for vermin, as well as fretting that it was bringing down the look of the entire neighbourhood.

Now the boutique block to be built on the site is advertised as offering “over-sized” north-east-facing studios that will be “sleek and stylish”, with loft apartments at the top. They’ll have lift access and access to common gardens, bike lockers and storage areas.

“We’re expecting demand will be strong,” says D’Ettorre of the building that’s being developed by a private building company whose director does developments as a sideline. “It’s very convenient for Kings Cross train station, St Vincent’s Hospital, the Rushcutters Bay foreshore and all the cafes and restaurants of the area.

“Surrey Street is also regarded as one of the best streets in Darlinghurst.”

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Towns where nature is winning the battle against civilisation

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People can build towns, villages and skyscrapers, but in the end, nature has a way of taking everything back in time. When people are forced to abandon dwellings for whatever reason, Mother Nature immediately grabs its territory. Here are five undeniable examples of just that.

1. Kolmanskop, Namibia

What was once the home to hundreds of German miners seeking their fortune in the Namibian desert, Kolmanskop peaked as a thriving and bustling oasis. Now, some 100 years later, it’s a dilapidated ghost town slowly being reclaimed by sand. Tourists and photographers flock to the area to see the once grand German architecture gradually sink into desert.

Photos: Getty, Shaun Lombard, Carol Polich, Ben Cranke

2. Gouqi Island, China

This Chinese fishing village has been abandoned for more than 50 years and has been overrun by nature. The village is on Gouqi Island, one of the 394 islands that form the archipelago of Shengsi Islands. Although the area still attracts more than 100,000 fishermen every winter, fishing practices have diminished during recent decades leading to the abandonment of previously flourishing villages.

Photos: Amusing Planet

3. Shi Cheng, China

???Shi Cheng is an ancient city established in China about 1300 years ago, which now lies 26-40 metres under water. The city and the valley were deliberately flooded in 1959 in order to create an artificial lake and hydroelectric power station. At present, a dive operator based in Shanghai runs diving exploration trips to this submerged city.???

Photos: Chinese National Geography

4. ‘Honky Ranch’, USA

Originally part of a large complex, this incredible Victorian-inspired tree house is one of a kind. It has deteriorated beyond repair thanks to the weather and those pesky trees, but with vaulted ceilings, decorative wallpaper, a kitchen and bedrooms, the three-storey miniature house appears to have been a tree house built for adults.

Photos: Drew Perlmutter

5. Pripyat, Ukraine

What was a fully-functional, active city with a railway station, 10 gymnasiums, three indoor swimming pools, numerous playgrounds and an amusement park, is now a ghost city. A nuclear disaster forced residents to flee as the town became unfit for human habitation. Today, the buildings remain empty and the streets are deserted, however trees continue to grow.

Photos: Keyword Suggestions

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Picky landlords requiring ‘pet resumes’

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Pet owners could find it even harder when applying for rentals around Brisbane as more landlords and body corporates are requesting detailed “pet resumes”.

Tenants are being asked to provide photos, certificates and even references for their furry friends before rental consideration.

Pet owner Suellen Sinclair said she was made to “jump through hoops” when applying for a Brisbane unit with her maltese poodle, Theo.

“I applied for so many places before I found our apartment in West End, and even then we still had to jump through a number of hoops,” Ms Sinclair said.

“To get approval for Theo I had to provide the body corporate with his photo, breed, gender, weight, previous vet certificates and references – I basically had to submit a pet resume.

“There are other residents in my complex who also have pets, and they all had to go through a similar approval process.”

Brisbane’s Animal Welfare League Queensland spokeswoman Shan Veivers said things such as pet references could cause more issues for pet owners.

“If you have a new pet and cannot get a reference from a previous landlord, then what will you do?” she said.

“How do these people break into the market? It’s just going to make it even harder.”

She said a lack of pet-friendly rentals was a “substantial problem”.

“A lot of real estate agents don’t see the value of pets, and landlords think they are going to cause damage, but that’s rarely the case,” Ms Veivers said.

“In fact, pet owners generally stay longer in a rental.”

Although there are benefits for landlords who open their rentals to pet owners, only about 10 per cent do so in Queensland, according to the Residential Tenancies Authority.

Archers the Strata Professionals partner Grant Mifsud said more real estate agents and landlords were screening pets.

“Many unit owners are cautious about accepting pets into apartments due to potential damage to the property, allergies and noise,” Mr Mifsud said.

However, with an oversupply of units in Brisbane, which is forecast to get worse, picky landlords may find their options becoming limited.

Mr Mifsud said tenants should also consider strata bylaws.

“If you are a tenant, your landlord or real estate agent should provide you with a copy of the lease and the bylaws,” he said.

“Sometimes properties are advertised as pet friendly, when it is clearly stated in the bylaws that the complex does not allow pets.”

“Tenants wishing to keep a pet on the property should ask their real estate agent to speak to the landlord.”

Mr Mifsud said honesty was the best approach.

“If the body corporate suspects you are keeping a pet in your apartment without consent, they may serve you with a bylaw breach notice, which can ultimately be enforced in a magistrates court.

“Therefore, being upfront and honest with your property owner and body corporate is definitely the best tactic.”

In the 2013-14 financial year, 133,495 animals were surrendered to the RSPCA.

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Gig guideJuly 21

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Nazeem Hussain is this month’s headliner for Fresh Comedy. Catch him at Launceston’s Royal Oak on Friday.
Nanjing Night Net

Your guide to the gigs around Tasmania this weekend, plus the shows you should be grabbing tickets for in the future.

Start your weekend with an eveningof laughs, courtesy of the guys behindFRESH COMEDY. This month, they’re bringing downNAZEEM HUSSAINto headline the show. Hussain will be supported byAndy Collings, Danny Pennacchio and Maedi Pritchard. You can catch ‘em all on Friday from 8.30pm at the Royal Oak in Launceston. Fresh Comedy regularly sells out, so you’re best to get your tickets ahead of time from trybooking南京夜网. Reserved seating is $20, and general admission is $15. Door tickets are$20.

Hobart bandYOUTH FACTIONare making the journey up the Midland Highway for a slot at Launceston’s Club 54 on Saturday. They’ll be playing withCARDINELSandEVEGOWEN.You can catch all three acts from 9pm. Entry is $5.

Across the state, you can catch theUP THE GUTSnational tour. The tour featuresScott and Charlenes Wedding, Skotdrakula, Ben Wright Smith, and Jack and Jo, and it goes pretty much everywhere in the country. The starting point is Tassie, at the Brisbane Hotel in Hobart on Friday night, and Launceston’s Royal Oak on Saturday. Tickets are $12, available through eventbrite南京夜网

Flip your calendar over a few pages to August 6. Launceston is set for an invasion, with Melbourne punk bands FOXTROTandFOLEYcoming on down. Foxtrot have just released their new recordHabitatsand have been hitting up all corners of the East Coast to celebrate. You catch them in Launceston on the aforementioned date at Bakers Lane. They will also play Hobart’s Brisbane Hotel on August 5.

Something For Kate frontmanPAUL DEMPSEYis hitting the roadin support of his recently released solo albumStrange Loop. Dempsey will play two shows in Tasmania:September 15 at the Tapas Lounge Bar in Devonport,September 16 at Country Club Tasmania in Launceston, andSeptember 17 at the Republic Bar in Hobart. A handful of dates on this tour have already sold out, so if you’re keen, get in quick.

VERA BLUEis set to play at Club 54 in Launceston. She’ll be here on October 7, before playing at Hobart’s Republic Bar.

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NSW Farmers gather at annual event

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NSW Farmers president Derek Schoen. Photo: ContributedThe first day of the three day NSW Farmers’ Annual Conference kicked off in Sydney on Tuesday, with a range of matters discussed.
Nanjing Night Net

Over 200 farmers from across NSW have made their way to Luna Park, Sydney.

A wide range of motions are up for debate over the three days includingthe Backpacker Tax, stamp duty exemptions for youngfarmers, rural policing andtrespass, biodiversity matters, and Rail Trails.

During the first day of the annual conference,NSWFarmers passed a motionrenewing its call for government assistance to tackle the threat of Q-fever.

The Association passed a motion calling for theNSWand federal governments to conduct free Q-fever clinics (involving testing and vaccination) for all Australians who are involved in rural and animal industries.

“This motion reinforces existing Association policy calling for the vaccine to be put on thePharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, and for a sufficient number of vaccines to be made available,” NSWFarmers presidentDerek Schoen said.

“During the 2016 federal election, the Coalition Government committed to investing $514,500 to research regarding the spread of the disease and its transmission to people.

The Association welcomed this announcement, but continues to call for immediate assistance to protectfarmersfrom the disease by accessible and affordable vaccination,” Mr Schoen said.

NSWFarmers welcomed new details of SafeWorkNSW$2 million Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program, outlined in theNSWBudget.

Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Victor Dominello addressed theNSWFarmers annual conference on Tuesday, outlining how the program will work.

The program includes rebates up to $500 for eligible smallfarmingbusinesses inNSWpurchasing one or a combination of the four safety solutions covered by the Program.

In addition, each employee of qualifying businesses can also access the rebate program for training and purchasing of one suitable helmet.

There are up to 6530 distinct rebates available, with maximum rebated amount applicable for each safety solution.

SafeWorkNSWrequiresfarmersto attend an eligible educative interaction with them before purchasing the safety solutions to qualify for the rebates, similar to the small business rebate program.

NSWFarmersIndustrial Relations ChairRichard Chamen said this wasa move in the right direction by the government.

“The convenience and utility of having quad bikes onfarmsare crucial to the running of afarmon a daily basis, but there is also no denying that use of quad bikes can quickly turn dangerous,” Mr Chamen said.

“We are hopeful that this program will provide clear guidance on the way hazards relating to quad bike use can be practically managed onfarms.”

Rebates may also be used towards the purchase of a side-by-side vehicle.

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