NSW Farmers gather at annual event

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NSW Farmers president Derek Schoen. Photo: ContributedThe first day of the three day NSW Farmers’ Annual Conference kicked off in Sydney on Tuesday, with a range of matters discussed.
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Over 200 farmers from across NSW have made their way to Luna Park, Sydney.

A wide range of motions are up for debate over the three days includingthe Backpacker Tax, stamp duty exemptions for youngfarmers, rural policing andtrespass, biodiversity matters, and Rail Trails.

During the first day of the annual conference,NSWFarmers passed a motionrenewing its call for government assistance to tackle the threat of Q-fever.

The Association passed a motion calling for theNSWand federal governments to conduct free Q-fever clinics (involving testing and vaccination) for all Australians who are involved in rural and animal industries.

“This motion reinforces existing Association policy calling for the vaccine to be put on thePharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, and for a sufficient number of vaccines to be made available,” NSWFarmers presidentDerek Schoen said.

“During the 2016 federal election, the Coalition Government committed to investing $514,500 to research regarding the spread of the disease and its transmission to people.

The Association welcomed this announcement, but continues to call for immediate assistance to protectfarmersfrom the disease by accessible and affordable vaccination,” Mr Schoen said.

NSWFarmers welcomed new details of SafeWorkNSW$2 million Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program, outlined in theNSWBudget.

Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Victor Dominello addressed theNSWFarmers annual conference on Tuesday, outlining how the program will work.

The program includes rebates up to $500 for eligible smallfarmingbusinesses inNSWpurchasing one or a combination of the four safety solutions covered by the Program.

In addition, each employee of qualifying businesses can also access the rebate program for training and purchasing of one suitable helmet.

There are up to 6530 distinct rebates available, with maximum rebated amount applicable for each safety solution.

SafeWorkNSWrequiresfarmersto attend an eligible educative interaction with them before purchasing the safety solutions to qualify for the rebates, similar to the small business rebate program.

NSWFarmersIndustrial Relations ChairRichard Chamen said this wasa move in the right direction by the government.

“The convenience and utility of having quad bikes onfarmsare crucial to the running of afarmon a daily basis, but there is also no denying that use of quad bikes can quickly turn dangerous,” Mr Chamen said.

“We are hopeful that this program will provide clear guidance on the way hazards relating to quad bike use can be practically managed onfarms.”

Rebates may also be used towards the purchase of a side-by-side vehicle.

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Mayfield marches on

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A completely transformed weatherboard house in Waratah Street, Mayfield, has sold under the hammer for $716,000.
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Scott Ferris, ofOne Agency Ferris Properties,said 10 bidders registered for the auction of38 Waratah Street, an immaculately renovated three-bedroom property.

The result followsDowling Mayfield’s sale earlier this month of neighbouring properties 88 and 90 Carrington Street for $1.45million. The buyer,a developer, plans to seek approval forboutique townhouses on the sites.

One Agency’s Mr Ferris said 38 Waratah St attracted big interest –and a great price –because ofits high-end renovation, which included designer bathrooms and kitchen and an alfesco area withpool.In the past few months the agency has had auction success with several Mayfield properties. These include 19 Texas St (sold for$546,000);100 Barton St ($495,500) and63 Ingall St ($432,000).

MAYFIELD MOD: The renovated three-bedroom home at 38 Waratah Street, which sold at auction for $716,000.

HOMEWORLD HELPHomeWorld CEO Phil Jones has been a regular visitor to Thornton over the past few months as thefinishing touches are added to the organisation’s new village.

Even though the size of the Thornton village is not a scratch on HomeWorld behemothsKellyville and Camden North, it is tailored to give the Hunter market a very good indication of whatbuilders are offering. Forty three houses by 14 builders are on display at Thornton,creating what the HomeWorld boss describesas a“one-stop shop” for home designs.Wtih 30 years’ experience in property development, including advising industry organisations such as Landcom, Mr Jones has seen all the trends,from house and land size, designs, to must-have inclusions.For example, he said dining rooms had beenreplaced by media rooms and ever-expanding –and increasingly opulent –al-fresco areas.

Hunter village: HomeWorld CEO Phil Jones is preparing to officially launch his organisation’s new village in Thornton.

HomeWorld Thornton (crn of Government andRaymond Terrace roads) officiallyopens July 26.

Builders:Allworth, Beechwood, Coral, Eden Brae, Fowler, Hotondo, Huxley, Integrity, Masterton, McDonald Jones, Mojo, Montgomery, Rawson and Burbank.

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Eagles ready for reunion

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PEN TO PAPER: Hawkesdale-Macarthur coach Simon O’Keefe has signed on to lead the Eagles again in 2017. The news comes ahead of the Eagles’ 1956 reunion this weekend. Picture: Tracey KrugerWHEN Hawkesdale-Macarthur takes on SMW Rovers this Saturday, it will do so under the eye of past greats of the club.
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About a dozen players from Hawkesdale’s breakthrough 1966 flag will be on hand for a premiership reunion.

Dan Darmody, who coached Hawkesdale to the famous victory 50 years ago, can still clearly remember the elation after his sidecame back and thumped Penshurst –a team which had beaten them in the second semi-final two weeks earlier.

“Everything fell into place for us,” he said.

“Looking back, it was probably the determination (that set us up). I think, after being so good all the year and then losing the second semi-final and meeting Penshurst in the grand final, we were very determined to show we were the better side.”

Meanwhile, the Eagles have retained the services of coach Simon O’Keefe for next season.

He has lifted the Eagles from eighth last year to third spot on the ladder as it stands.

They were second until last Saturday’s belting at the hands ladder leader Tatyoon.

The Hawks smothered the Eagles early, holding them scoreless in the opening term, but a much more even second quarter saw Hawkesdale-Macarthur hanging in to trail by 19 at the main break.

After half-time it was all Tatyoon, though, as the home side piled on 15 goals to four to blow the Eagles away with a 19.15 (129) to 6.8 (44) win.

In the reserves, it was again the Hawks who took the points, defeating Hawkesdale-Macarthur 10.3 (63) to 5.6 (36).

The Eagles trailed by just 11 points at the first change, but were held scoreless through the second term as Tatyoon pulled away to an unassailable 43-point lead.

While the Eagles returned the favour in holding the Hawks scoreless in the third, the damage was already done.Brett Tanner was best on ground for the Eagles.

The under 16.5 match played out as a thrilling draw, with the Hawks and Eagles locked on 4.6 (30) apiece at the close of play.Harrison Cozens and Kyle Smitten (one goal) put in strong efforts for Hawkesdale-Macarthur.

The Eagles held onto fifth spot in the A grade netball despite losing to fourth-placed Tatyoon 45-34.

Hawkesdale-Macarthur’sB grade side had better luck, winning 44-35 after a dominant 14-7 opening term.

Tatyoon just overran the Eagles’ C grade side, winning 34-32 after trailing by three goals at the final change.

In the junior netball, the 15 and under side had a nine-goal win, while the 17 and unders had a tough day, going down 39-10.

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Who lives in your hollow?

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Hollow dwellers: Squirrel gliders live in tree hollows across the MidCoast region, this one was pictured at the Bulahdelah wetlands this year. Photo: supplied.
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Are you a keen nature observer? Looking for a cool project for the kids to expand their observation and science skills? MidCoast Council is asking you to help provide NSW scientists with data from your observations as part of the “Hollows as Homes” program.

“TheUniversity of Sydney,the Royal Botanic Garden and the Australian Museumare driving the community based program ‘Hollows as Homes’, recruiting people to take note of tree hollows that they see in their backyard, properties, bushland, golf courses – or anywhere” said council’s senior ecologist, Mr Mat Bell.

“In NSW at least 46 mammals, 81 birds, 31 reptiles and 16 frogs use tree hollows as habitat. Of these, 40 species are listed as threatened with extinction, so it’s important we try to find out more about the animals we have in our area and identify locations of hollows” said Mr Bell.

Hollows as Homes aims to increase the knowledge and understanding that we have about tree hollows; the distribution of tree hollows, the types of hollows available and how wildlife use tree hollows, including artificial hollows or nest boxes.

Participants in Hollows as Homes will be providing valuable information on the number and distribution of hollows, distribution of different types of hollows and wildlife that is using the hollows and nest boxes.

“Some of this information is still largely unknown, for example the number of hollow-bearing trees that exist in people’s backyards and the existence of wildlife using trees in backyards” said Mr Bell.

The information collected will be used to add to the scientific literature, while councils will be better able to plan our suburbs and retain existing habitat that is important for wildlife.

And we will become better informed about the importance of tree hollows and understand exactly what is using our own backyard!

For information on how you can be a part of this exciting project, visit梧桐夜网hollowsashomes南京夜网or梧桐夜网facebook南京夜网/hollowashomes

Alternatively, you can email Dr Adrian Davis [email protected]南京夜网.

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Solar households facing bill shock

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POWER PUNCH: Clean energy advocates are warning that electricity bills will rise in 2017 for customers of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme ending December 31. Photo: FileDubbo residents who made the city Australia’s solar capitalfour years ago are being told how to avoid “average bill shock of around $1600” after the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme shuts down at the end of the year.
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Solar Citizens, Alternative Technology Association, Total Environment Centre and Community Power Agency have released a new report that suggestshowsolar households can avoid biggerelectricitybillsin 2017.

Solar Citizens’ Reece Turner said146,000 solar homes in NSW on the bonus scheme were facing an “average bill shock of around $1600” next year.

“By taking some simple steps this bill shock can be reduced significantly,” he said.

Report author DamienMoyse identifies five ways that households can “make the most out of their solar”.

He suggests households “get theright meter, use more of your solar electricity, thinktwiceabout gas, getthe best electricity deal and considermore solar or battery down the line”.

The bonus scheme ends on December 31 this year, as legislated.

Eligible customers will continue to receive payments until the end of the year.

The NSW Department of Industry, Resources and Energy,is also telling solar households to investigate product options and metering as itmoves from gross to net.

Retailersmay offer to install a “smart meter” that can continue acting as a gross meter and then be remotely changed over to a net meter on December 31, it says.

Under net metering, a household uses the solar electricity itgenerates and sends any “overflow” into the grid.

Customers of the bonus scheme will receive feed-in tariffs from retailers once it ends.

In June the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) found that a fair and reasonable value for for solar electricity exported to the grid wasbetween 5.5 and 7.2 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh).

IPART’sdecision took intoaccount factors such as the “benchmark range is for generation only”.

Early customers of the bonus scheme are currently getting60 cents per kWh.

The IPART finding has prompted MrTurner to suggest intervention.

“Retailers are currently paying around a third the price of grid electricity even though solar is cheaper to transport on the grid, saves retailers from bidding in the wholesale market and has other social and environmental benefits,” he said.

“The price for solar should be close to the market rate for retail electricity, at the moment its not even being paid wholesale price.”

The bonus scheme was successful in encouraginghouseholds and small businesses in NSW to install small-scale renewable energy generators.

The department reports that since the bonusscheme closed to new applicants, a further 174,000 households and small businesses have installed systems despite not being able to access thesubsidised feed-in tariff.

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Drive for success

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ROAD TO GLORY: Dural driver Emily Duggan won her first endurance race on Saturday in the MacAlister Hyundai Series X3 NSW race at Wakefield Park. A lifelong passion for cars has inspired Dural’s Emily Duggan to chase her dream ofbecominga V8 Supercar driver.
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Three years into her amateur racing career, progress is coming along nicely for the 23-year-old.

On Saturday, she won the MacAlister Hyundai Series X3 NSW race at Wakefield Park, recording the competitions faster-ever lap time in the process.

“Itwas an amazing feeling,” she told the News.

Ms Duggan won the hour-long race ahead of Adam Bryant by a margin of 0.4 seconds. She said the resultwould not have been possible without more than two months of physical and mental preparation.

“[An hour] is a lot longer in the car than we normally do and your body has to be able to withstand the pressures of racing. You also need to stay focused mentally so you don’t make any costly mistakes.

“I was a little nervous going into the race because I chose to do it without a co-driver but it turned out really well.”

Having been raisedin Brisbane, Ms Duggan said amoveto Sydney three years ago providedher with the opportunity to fulfill her ambitions.

“My familynever gave methe opportunity to do go-karting or anything when I was younger.

“I’ve loved cars from day dot andrealised if I wanted to chase my dream I had to make it happen myself.”

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O’Meley really set to make an impact with Bathurst Pat’s

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BLUE FOR A DAY: Mark O’Meley will get involved with the St Pat’s rugby league club juniors ahead of his match with the Bathurst club on Saturday. Photo: GETTY
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A man who played 15 Tests for Australia will be in Bathurst this weekend to make a one-off guest appearance for St Pat’s Group 10 premier league side.

Mark O’Meleywill line up in the front row as the Saints take on the Blayney Bears on Saturday afternoon at the Sportsground.

But O’Meley, who hails from West Wyalong, was keen to have a bigger involvement within the Bathurst rugby league community over the week.

He offered his time to work with one of the junior sides, the prize having been auctioned off by St Pat’s last week. Theunder 12 Saints were the winners.

“What they are being offered is what we are calling a realfirst grade experience,” St Pat’s premier league coach Kurt Hancock said.

“They will get to meet Mark O’Meley on Saturday. They play at Morse Park, but they will come over to the sheds at the Sportsground and get dressed there.

“Mark O’Meley will speak with the kids and warm them up for their game. Then after they play will get to spendtime with our first graders and Mark in the sheds.

“They will get to listen to Mark O’Meleyspeak to us at half-time, so it is going to be a really good experience for them.It will be something very special for our juniors.”

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Swollen river dumps rocks

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COVERED: Farmers Michael and Judy Perkins stand in one of the paddocks. Pictures: Cordell Richardson.
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A terrifying display of strength has left a permanent mark on a dairy farm at Latrobe after the Mersey River dumped thousands of river rocks over the rural property.

Dairy farmers Michael and Judy Perkins have been left wondering how they will move therocks that were dumped on two of their paddocks after the river cut a new path during the June floods.

A photo the couple took of Mrs Perkins standing in the middle of one of the paddocks completely covered in rocks has been shared widely on social media.

Mr Perkins said the force of the water was terrifying.

“It hit us so hard here at Latrobe, it was like a tsunami when it came through,” he said.Other properties further up the river have also borne the brunt of nature’s force, with the river forcing its way over the original banks.

“Wherever the curves were in the river it has changed direction and went straight ahead, it’s cut a new track through a lot of people’s properties,” Mr Perkins said.

In addition to the river rocks, the Perkins farm lost 50 head of cattle, the best of their genetic breeding program, water troughs and damage to water infrastructure and soil.

“It’s taken beautiful soil and turned it into a rock quarry.We have no idea how to get rid of all the rocks, my son estimated there was about 5000 tonnes in one paddock and the other paddock is twice as big,” he said.

WASHED AWAY: Farmer Michael Perkins surveys the washed away riverbanks that run through his property.

The damage is expected to cost about $500,000.

QUARRY: The rocks have added to the financial hardship the dairy operation has had to endure after damaging the pasture.

The river runs through the middle of the Shale Road property and completely inundated the farm.

“We didn’t think it was going to be too bad[the damage] until the water went down and we found all the rocks,” Mr Perkins said.

One paddock was used for pasture and the other was leased to a farmer to grow seed potatoes.Luckily the seed potatoes had been harvested a fortnight before the floods.Mr Perkins said he his insurance didn’t cover the damage sustained as he didn’t have flood damage.

The river banks will need to be restored and the rocks put back where they came from, but Mr Perkins estimates at least a year to repair.

Mr Perkinssaid he hoped answers would be forthcoming about why Latrobe was hit so hard by the floods and that people had started to wonder why.

The Tasmanian Flood Recovery Taskforce sent volunteers from Cradle Coast NRM on Monday to the property to assess the best way to remove the shale stones.

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Six destinations to our one

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MAKING GROUND: Dubbo City Regional Airport has broken through the 200,000 annual passenger mark with some help from the wider western region. Photo: FILE PHOTO
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WHILE Orange City Councillors and the city’s sole commercial flight operator trade barbs about the services out of Orange Airport, Dubbo is fast establishing itself as the region’s airborne transport hub.

Dubbo City Regional Airportis becoming thedeparture point of choice for a growing number of Central West travellers heading to the coast or interstate, its council says.

The past 12 months has seen the number of destinations that can be accessed from Dubbo expand to dwarfthe single Sydney route offered to Orange passengers.

Airline Jetgo began direct Dubbo-Brisbane return flights in July last year and added a Dubbo-Melbourne route in October.

On Monday the first flight of FlyPelican’s Dubbo-Newcastle service landed.

Rex –the only airline to operate out of Orange Airport –also offers flights out of Dubboto both Cobar and Broken Hill.

Both QantasLink and Rex fly return legs betweenSydney and Dubbo each day, taking the total number of airports accesible from Dubbo to six.

Airport operations manager Lindsay Mason said there were people choosing to board at Dubbo because they could fly directly to other statesrather than from their local airports.

One man from West Wyalong had driven to Dubbo to catch a direct flight to Brisbane.

“He said he preferred to come to Dubbo, as he had to drive to Wagga to wait and catch a flight to Sydney, and then wait in Sydney for the flight to Brisbane,” he said.

“He told me he just preferred to drive to Dubbo and fly direct.”

Two businessmen from Bathurst were also changing their travel habits.

“(They would) normally drive to Sydney once a fortnight to catch a flight to Brisbane, but now prefer to drive to Dubbo,” he said.

“They think it’s a no-brainer.”

Dubbo City Regional Airport set a record for passenger numbers in the past 12 months.

In the past month Orange City Councillor Reg Kidd has slammed Rex with claims the carrier left passengers to maketheir own way to Orange when icy conditions forced a flight to land in Bathurst on June 27.

The airline responded by labelling the councillor’s comments “careless” and attributing flight cancellations and other issues to “extremely problematic” facilities at Orange Airport.

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Great Flinders win shield

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Table tennis PHILLIS SHIELD: The winning Great Flinders team (named below).
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Great Flinders defPort Lincoln 42-30

Great Flinders Table Tennis Association hosted the Port Lincoln Table Tennis Association at the Cummins Community Complex for theannual Phillis Shield on July 14.

Port Lincoln got off to the better start with wins to Huey Rosalia, Stockham, Harris, Jason Regan, Atkins and Strycharski.

Mundy posted Great Flinders’ first win and slowly the hosts got the match back on even terms with wins to Reece Fordham, Telfer, Luke McLachlan, Kevin Mann, Pearson, Geoff McLachlan and Baldissera.

Wins to Nottle, Fiona Rosalia, Sheridan and Barnett for Port Lincoln kept the match balanced.

By the close of the first round of singles,wins by Wright, Pope, McFarlane, Branson, Hancock and Kerr hadthe home team up 14 rubbers to 10.

In the first doubles round Barnes and Carr won their first rubbers.Phillips, Ryan Mann and Zoey Fordham also notched up their first wins partnering Telfer, Luke McLachlan and Pope.

Port Lincoln’sSoutham and Challinger combined to win their first rubbers, as did King partnered with Sheridan. Great Flinders wonthis round8 to 4.

Port Lincoln got the start they needed in the second singles round with wins to their six top players bringing the score back to 22 to 20.

Kody Rosalia, Nottle, Gray and Southam kept the visitors in touch but wins to Mundy, Phillips, Luke McLachlan, Kevin Mann, Geoff McLachlan and Baldissera kept Great Flinders ahead.

The pattern of the first singles was repeated with Great Flinders’ depth again slowly bringing about a match-winning lead.

Wins to Miller, Zoey Fordham, McFarlane, Branson, Hancock and Kerr were only offset by two victories to Port Lincoln through Sheridan and Barnett. A 34to 26 lead leftGreat Flinders on the cusp of back-to-back shield wins.

The second round of doubles saw the same scores as the first. Hill for great Flinders and Ellul for Port Lincoln each enjoyed their first rubbers of the night.

The final score showed that whilePort Lincoln’s top players are too strong, Great Flinders’depth was the key.

Best players with four rubber wins were: Great Flinders:Mundy, Luke McLachlan, Baldissera, McFarlane, Branson, Hancock and Kerr;Port Lincoln:Huey Rosalia, Stockham, Strycharski and Sheridan.

Pictured are: Back:Neil Carr, Malcolm Hancock, Kym Wright, Troy Branson, Ross Kerr, Lester Barnes, Isaac Telfer, Tom Baldissera; second row: Rob McFarlane, Reece Fordham, Russell Fordham, Daniel Challinger, Troy Phillips, Geoff McLachlan, Rod Pearson, Ryan Mann; third row: Zoey Fordham, Caro Miller, Vicki Mundy, Heather Pope; front: Luke McLachlan andJarrad Hill.Absent: Kevin Mann and Richard Hennell.

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