Thick with possibility

INSTANT CONNECTION: Paper Thin will release their self-titled debut EP next month after forming in April. THE instant connection and creativity of bandPaper Thin has invigoratedNewcastle singer-songwriter Spencer Scott.
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The 22-year-old has been busily playing live and making music since he was 17 and has recorded several EPs including, Split 7”with Melbourne’s Georgia Maq -the leader of brilliant indie band Camp Cope. In April Scott teamed up with guitarist Will Houlcroft(Adeline Pines), drummerLiam Tobin (Jen Buxton & The Slaughterhouse Five) and bassist Aidan Roe(Crystal Cove) to form garage punk band Paper Thin. Within three months of forming the quartet recorded their debut self-titled EP, which will be released on Sydney DIY label Lost Boy Records on August 9.

Paper Thin – State Of Your Mind, Mate“Everyone else in the band is heaps amazing and it’s such arelaxing and easy environment to make music in,” Scott said.“They’re all lovely and we all have the same ideas about what we wanted to be creating.”

The tracks State Of Your Life, Mate andHotel Spencer have already beenreleased online to strong interest.The latterwas originally recorded acoustically on Split 7”but has been given a rocking Smith Street Band-style makeoverby Paper Thin.

“When Paper Thin first started we were looking for songs and I thought about bringing in some of my older songs to see if they would work and as soon as we started playing that live in made total sense,” Scott said.

Paper Thin will launch their EP at the Hamilton Station Hotel on August 11.

SKYLINE GROWS ANNOUNCED: Henry Wagons will return to Dashville Skyville in September with his backing band The Only Children. Picture: Jason South

DASHVILLESkyline has gotten much tastier following its second announcement of acts this week. Henry Wagons will return forthe secondinstallment of the Americana-themed festival at Lower Belford along with his band The Only Children.

Also joining the 27-act line-up is Jordie Lane, Bellbird’s William Crighton, Sydney rockers Spookyland, Charles Jenkins, Kiwi string-punkers The Eastern,Newcastle’s own James Thomson &The Strange Pilgrims, Canadian-born Tracy McNeil &the Good Life, The Leah Flanagan Band, Sydney bluesman Frank Sultana &TheSinister Kids, Jason Walker and local actsMagpie Diaries,Lyle Dennis Express,William John Jr, The Bluegrass Breakfast and TheDashvilleProgress Society.

They join first-announcement acts Brian Cadd, America’sThe Brothers Comatose, Melody Pool and The Wilson Pickers. Dashville Skyline runs from September 30 to October 2. Tickers are on sale through 梧桐夜网dashville南京夜网419论坛.

NO-FI EXPANSIONNO-FIRecords are preparing tobranchout beyond the Hunter to releaseMelbourne band Dom Kelly’s upcoming album.

The Newcastle-based collective have released seven EPs in the past year from local bands Vacations, PALS, Voodoo Youth, Wavevom and RAAVE TAPES, but this will be No-Fi’s first release for anartist from outside the Hunter.

“They came to us, which was the same as PALS and RAAVE TAPES, and I personally really dug it, I thought it was great,” No-Fi co-founder Campbell Burns said.“I told everyone else about it and they decided to distribute it too.”

Dom Kelly have released two EPs and a swag of singles over the past year, but this will be their first album. No-Fi will handle its distribution and have organised the Newcastle albumlaunch atthe Lass O’Gowrie on August 14 with support from Vacations and the Central Coast’sSpace Carbonara.

FESTIVE SEASONBELLBIRD troubadour WilliamCrightonwill be keeping busy this November after he was added to the Mullum and Queenscliff Music Festival line-ups this week.

The small town of Mullumbimby onthe NSW far north coast hosts the Mullum Music Festival from November 17-20, which will include American folk singer Julien Baker, Gareth Liddiard, Jordie Lane and Sahara Beck.A week later Crighton will back up for the Queenscliff Music Festival where he will rub shoulders with Ben Harper, Peter Garrett and Paul Kelly.

EDWARDS SPILLSWHAT’S not to love aboutmulled wine, whiskey tasting, art andsmokey cuisine? Throw in original local music and you have the Grills and Spills Festival at The Edwards on August 5. Inthe past seven months The Edwards shop has providedlocalartists with the opportunity to sell their music on CD, cassette and vinyl to the bar-restaurant’s clientele. Some of those artists will playGrills and SpillsinAhliaRain,SpencerScott,Abell,LachlanX Morris andVacations.

CHEEKY NINJASTWELVEFoot Ninja joke that pigeon holes are just full of shit. There’s certainly no pigeon hole that fits the Melbourne band. They’re part metal, funk, boss nova and tongue-in-cheek. Their second album Outlier is out August 26before theyplaytheCambridge Hotel on September 2.

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The great dairy debate

Alternatives to a traditional glass ofthewhite stuff are pelting us from all directions. Should you jointhemylk brigade?
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You’d be forgiven for thinking thatdairywas sinful. To be cast aside, poured downthesink and forgotten. “We’retheonly animals who continue to drink milk into our adult years,”thecritics say. “We’retheonly mammals to drinkthemilk of a different species,” saythenaysayers. And according to Paleo followers, “Inthestrict Paleo sense,dairyof any form was not consumed inthePalaeolithic Era, other than human milk in infancy, of course. It just wasn’t very practical to milk wild game.”

So begantherise of “mylk”. Yes, with a “y”. It’s a term adopted bythealternative milk industry, which is growing in leaps and bounds. In fact, bythetime I finish this sentence, there might be another hip cafe opening that doesn’t even servedairymilk.

Nut milks, rice milk, oat milk and, of course, soy milk (which gained popularity more than a decade ago, but has since lost some of its shine due to conflicting studies abouttheway soy is sourced and what overconsumption can do to our health), have saturatedthemarket sincethewhole health movement began about 2012, and has picked up pace in recent years. According to supermarket chain IGA: “Soy milk is stillthemost popular of alternative milks but almond, rice and coconut milk continue to grow exponentially in popularity with IGA shoppers, and we expect this trend to continue.”

Who’s giving upthewhite stuff?

One in six Australians are saying goodbye to milk, according to a June 2016 study of 1200 people bytheCSIRO and University of Adelaide. Fairfax Media reported atthetime that, “three-quarters were eschewingdairyin an attempt to relieve symptoms such as bloating, stomach cramps and wind. A smaller number said they simply didn’t likethetaste or thought it would make them fat. More women than men are avoiding milk anddairyfoods that are rich in nutrients including calcium, iodine, and vitamins A, D and B12.”

With personal health a big factor for many, andthecurrent trend of “health experts” encouraging people to give updairy, more women than men are staying away in an attempt, essentially, to lose weight.

“My naturopath told me I should give updairyas it was causing problems with my skin and making me bloated. Since giving it up, I feel much better but it hasn’t made me lose weight,” says Alison, 44, an account manager.

“I was advised to give updairyin order to get pregnant,” says subeditor Nicole, 36. “But despite giving it up for almost a year, it didn’t help me. I’ve since been back on it and am now pregnant – in fact, I drink a glass of cold milk every day!”

“Thescale of people restricting their diet without a medical reason is very concerning in terms ofthepublic health implications, especially for women,” CSIRO’s Bella Yantcheva tells Fairfax Media.

Leading nutritionist Rosemary Stanton says: “Some think it’s not natural for humans to drinkthemilk of another mammal but for those who can happily tolerate lactose, milk is a perfectly OK food and no more unnatural than breeding cows and other animals and eating their flesh.” She is concerned people are self-diagnosing symptoms such as bloating, when there might not be a direct link, and says those ondairy-free diets need to supplement their intake with other calcium-rich foods.

So hip right now

“There are a lot of people jumping ontheno-dairybandwagon just because it’s trendy,” says nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill fromTheBrown Paper Bag. “But you should always try and learn whether foods are good for your body or not before making a decision. It’s such a personal thing.”

Alwill’s philosophy is that it’s more about getting your nutrients from different sources and mixing up those sources, instead of returning tothesame source day in, day out.

“This might mean you swap out onedairycomponent for an alternative, rather than a blanketdairycut. If you have a smoothie, a coffee and a yoghurt all withdairyintheone day, you might want to consider using almond milk for your smoothie and having a coconut yoghurt, but keepingthedairymilk in your coffee, where you really love it.”

Alwill says there’s no real need to give updairyforthesake of it, or because you might have read that you need to.

“If you don’t have an allergy and it’s not disagreeing with you, then a good, whole-fat milk is fine once a day.”

Andthenew way to get your alternative creamy shot is to visit your local “mylk” bar, like Zeitgeist, recently opened in Sydney’s Bondi, which serves house-made almond-macadamia milk with everything from milkshakes to vegan treats. It’s a close cousin of Coffee, a Bondi Beach cafe that serves only nut milk – nodairy. In Melbourne, onthe”plant-based” menu at Matcha Mylkbar in St Kilda you’ll find soy, almond and coconut milk lattes (also with turmeric or apple cider), and Serotonin Eatery in Richmond offers macadamia milk, too.

“We make our own milk, so we know how creamy they are,” says Zeitgeist owner Grace Watson. “Thepackaged ones are good, but home-made nut milks are much more delicious. Our milk givesthesame creaminess asdairyand we can make it thick and frothy. It’s perfect for steaming.”

Which nut milk is best?

Not all alternative milks are created equal. Just like in many other industries, there are those that have jumped onthetrend and dilutedtheproduct down to a cheaper version oftheoriginal. And if you watchthevideo attached to this story on GoodFood南京夜网419论坛, you’ll see they didn’t rate highly with our expert panel.

Comments on almond milk ranged from “It tastes like Mylanta”, fromthehead chef of Gelato Messina, Donato Toce, to “It has a cooked taste”, “It has floaties in it” and “It’s too watery”.

Vittoria’s prime barista, Joe Rahme, says he wouldn’t make coffee with it, “because it would be very hard to get a foam onthemilk and it would separate”.

Sommelier from hatted restaurant Automata, Tim Watkins, says of rice milk: “It smellsgreat, it’s got a really nice aroma to it, which makesthelet down allthemoregreatwhen you actually taste it.”

And Colin Fassnidge from 4Fourteen says almond milk “reminds me of milk of magnesia. It’s medicine-y”.

Buttheproblem may be more down totheproduction ofthemilk, rather thanthebase flavour.

“We need to separate alternative milks into two categories,” says naturopath Anthia Koullouros from Ovvio Organics. “One is those that are ultra-heated and pasteurised, sold intheTetra packs. They’re long-life shelf milks andtheones I’ve never recommended.Themarket listened to our protests however, because now there are a bunch of fresh nut milks available inthefridge section.”

Theproblem withtheTetra options, Koullouros says, istheultra-heating that essentially destroysthenutrients we’d otherwise get fromtheingredients. “They don’t add much oftheactual nuts totheproduct either, it’s a lot of water and additives. Fresh milks are exciting as most of them are made from activated nuts and they’re prepared well, with no heating, and are highly nutritious. They taste like fresh home-made almond milk.”

And if you are going to choosedairymilk,theoverwhelming winner is full cream – preferably jersey (withthepod of cream on top). Besides beingthebest in taste, new studies suggest drinking skim milk doesn’t havetheslimming effect we once thought.

“Skim milk goes through that extra process to takethefat out of it, which means we’re missing out on allthegoodness and nutrition fromthefat. Fat keeps us satiated, which will mean we eat less inthelong run,” Koullouros says.

“Healthy living is not about counting fat or calories any more. We look atthetotal nutrients consumed to have a healthy lifestyle. If you’re getting nutrients from healthy sources then a little bit of fat with milk doesn’t hurt.”

Therise of raw milkIt is illegal to sell raw milk (milk that is unpasteurised) as drinking milk in Australia, due tothebacteria, including E.coli. Buttheraw milk movement has gained almost as much steam asthealternative mylk movement in recent years. Pro-raw milk users saythepasteurisation that traditionally heats milk to 72 degrees, killsthegood microbes (mainly bacteria) as well asthebad, meaning we are not gettingthefull nutritional benefits.

Others blamedairyand lactose allergies on pasteurisation. Still, Australian law has not budged. Until now. A new company, Made by Cow, has recently won approval to sell raw milk in Australia, using a cold press pasteurisation system.

“Good herd management, hygienic milking techniques andthecold pressure method have meant we can put 100 per cent safe, raw milk onto supermarket shelves,” says company founder, Saxon Joye.

Thecompany worked for a year withtheNSW Food Authority to ensuretheproduct was safe and fit for human consumption, though some people still have their doubts. For stockists, check online: madebycow南京夜网

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Palliative care appeal closer to target

GETTING CLOSE: Volunteers Peter Still and Marg Wilford outside a current treatment ward, thinking ahead to fund raisers that will help pay off the new palliative care unit.The Cancer Outpatients Appeal (COA) is now 80 per cent of its way its to targeted contribution forthe new palliative care unit at Milton Hospital.
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After committing to direct its energies to this cause last year, COA has raised nearly $600,000 towards the unit, to combine with crucial State Government funding.

They are planning a number of functions to raise the remaining $100,000 to reach their target.

The first will be a teams golf day on Friday September 2 at the Mollymook Hilltop course, promising fun and prizes, including a car for a hole in one.

On September 17, Mollymook Bowling Clubwill host a repeat of its well-loved casino evening and then COA will stage its popular Melbourne Cup event at Cupitts Winery on November 1.

COA president, Peter Still, said the palliative care unit is expected to open later this year.

Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District recognises COA volunteers, who receive no remuneration, as the official community fund raisersfor current palliative and cancer services.

The area health service bureaucracy approved plans for the palliative care facilities to be built above the new renal care unit when, after negotiations, COA committed to making a substantial financial contribution.

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SUPPORT FOR PAULINEPauline Hanson is no fool. (re ABC QandA, Monday, 18 July.)
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She is well groomed, polite and adept at answering the loaded questions.

Only the inner Cabinet would be informed about pending legislation. Not Pauline, who doesn’t even have her Parliamentary office and has not been briefed.

Pauline expresses the thoughts of the silent majority, of whom I am one.

I congratulate Pauline for the strength and courage of her convictions and wish her “Godspeed” as she commences this term in the Senate.

Helen Keller is quoted as saying: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Lois Edlington


RACING INJUSTICEMy reason for writing this letter is because of what I consider to the gross unfairness of the treatment handed out to Mr Cody Morgan and Mr Robert Clement in the recent judicial hearing in Tamworth.

I am not saying they are not guilty of the charges. I don’t know Mr Clement or Mr Morgan personally but the treatment handed out them has been grossly unfair. Racing NSW also has a lot to answer for the way this has been handled.

Code named Trentbridge Mr Morgan and Mr Clement are the first people to be charged under the race fixing laws introduced in 2012.

They have been found guilty of engaging in conduct to corrupt the betting outcome of the 2013 Tamworth Cup.

It is the first major test of the landmark legislation.

They have been found guilty of drenching a horse to corrupt the betting outcome of the Tamworth Cup in 2013 and gain a financial windfall.

However, Mr Morgan was only betting $100 each way.The crown had no evidence that Mr Clement had a bet on the race.Acting Judge Charteris said the charges were not easily detectable offences.

Racing NSW chairman of stewards, Mr Mark Van Gestel said there was no formal policy around the “new legislation” concerning Mr Morgan and Mr Clement.

Over three years of intense financial and emotional hardship, estimated at $250,000, they still have imprisonment hanging over their head.They have already served a year of disqualification.Mr Morgan wasn’t able to train for 18 months before being given his licence back.

Why has he been given his full licence back?Why has he had to go through this awful process when other trainers may still be doing the same thing.

In one of the court hearings a legal representative for Mr Morgan presented a letter purportedly showing that samples (blood and urine) taken from the horse (Prussian Secret) had returned an all clear reading.

How can they regard it as corruption and race fixing when they were only trying to ensure Prussian Secret ran at his best.

They weren’t administering any enhancing drugs. They weren’t influencing any other horses in the race. And they were only betting a small amount on the race. I cannot help but think Racing NSW, through its inaction, has let the legal system make an example of two men who deserve much more than what they have received.

Dudley Tickle


HAVE YOUR SAYAs the Northern Daily Leader moves into a new era of digital first reporting, we’d like you to invite you to come along for the ride.The new Newsnow format also gives us plenty of scope to include your letters, so we’d like to hear from you.

It doesn’t matter the topic, if you have an opinion, let us know.Either send it to [email protected]南京夜网419论坛 or via our website 梧桐夜网northerndailyleader南京夜网419论坛

Fiona Ferguson

Peel Valley Editor

SHE’S NO FOOL: Pauline Hanson is one of Australia’s most well known politicians. Photo: Wolter Peeters, The Sydney Morning Herald

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Grants help improve lives of older residents

Enterprising: Wild Rumpus art tutor Ann Clarke with IRTs Megan Overton and Wild Rumpus co-founder Lizzie Rose. The skill-sharing enterprise will share in this year’s IRT Foundation community grants. Picture: Kirk GilmourHomegrown skills-sharing enterprise Wild Rumpus will engage older community members in a new initiative thanks toa welcome funding boost.
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Wild Rumpus is one of 12 successful recipients of theIRT Foundation’s 2016 community grants, which this year totalled $150,000.

Lizzie Rose, co-founder of the Wollongong-based non-profit organisation, said it would use its $19,000 grant to develop a range of courses run by older residents.

‘’We run skill-share classes from Helensburgh to Kiama with the overall aim of building resourceful, sustainable, creative communities,’’ she said.

‘’This grant will help build ourPass it On project, where we work with senior members of our community to share their skills in cooking, craft, building and general knowledge.

‘’It’s about empoweringpeople, it works on brain development and in some cases it canhelpcombat isolation, depression and loneliness.’’

For people like Ann Clarke, a TAFE teacher of 40 years who’s recently retired, it’s a chance to keep doing what she loves.

‘’Being able to share their skills gives older people a sense of worth, it’svalidating them as a person and validatingtheir creativity,’’ she said.

IRTFoundation manager Toby Dawson said the grants program, nowinits second year, had receivedmore than 80 applications.

The 12 successful projects were based across IRT’s communities in NSW, the ACT and Queensland. That included five Illawarra projects, whichhad shared in$75,000.

‘’The aim of the grants is to partner with local community organisations to deliver projects that will provide practical solutions to achieve age-friendly communities,’’ Mr Dawson said.

‘’We asked for applications that provided respect and social inclusion, civic participation and employment and social participation for older residents.’’

Other Illawarra projects to be funded include Kiama Council’s dementia-friendly schemewhich will receive $20,000. This will include inter-generational programs such as play groups for pre-school children in aged care facilities.

The Illawarra’s OWN (Older Women’s Network) will get $1190 for workshops, meditation sessions andtherapeutic art;while CareSouth will get $20,000 to start a grandparents program for children from vulnerable backgrounds.

Cancer Council NSW’s grant of $15,393 will establish an expo to help volunteers develop skills and explore new opportunities.

Mr Dawson said the community grants program was part of IRT Group’s commitment to give back$20 million in community dividends by 2020.

‘’The IRT Foundation is creating opportunities for people to age positively,’’ he said.

‘’The grants program is one of the vehicles we use to do that; we have also invested $1.9 million into research since 2009 and we deliver a range of educational and advocacy initiatives.’’

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Tigers a whisker from win

The mighty tigers went within a whisker of downing the undefeated Dubbo CYMS in the best game of bush footy I have ever witnessed.
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In an age where big scorelines are common, these two sides wound back the clock to the days where games were built on defence and this one certainly was.

Both sides were aggressive and fast and it was definitely no race for the faint hearted.

The Tigers went to half-time holding a 7-6 lead courtesy of a Brad Pickering field goal on the bell.

CYMS came out of the second session expecting the gas to run out of our boys but it didn’t happen with both teams defending like their lives depended on it.

The only points of the second half was a penalty goal to CYMS to take and 8-7 lead which ended up being the score at full-time.

We had a chance to take the lead with a late shot at penalty goal but the ball sailed wide of the posts.

There was not a bad player on the paddock.The match up between Rob Gudgeon and Western Rams centre Jai Chapman was a beauty. These two blokes are similar types of players and they went at it from the get-go.

Neither player gave an inch. But I think our main man might have won apoints decision with his aggressive defence levelling his opponent on several occasions.

Captain-coach Byron Warren in only his second game back from injury was outstanding, you forget how good a footballer this bloke is with a couple more runs under his belt he could be the difference come semi-finals.

The defensive efforts of Loma, Troy Evans and Luke Moodyhad to be seen to be believed.

They have been as good as the best we have ever had.

Super effort boys, we may not have gotten the cash but we have definitely got CYMS thinking and they would have known they had a game of footy as they headed back over the levee.

The reserve grade game saw Dek’s men stand tall once again to grind out a 14 to 10 victory over CYMS. Dek has got these blokes working hard for each other and the results are showing.

The fowards keep turning up for each other in defence. Matty Selfe tackled himself silly as did Luke Matheson.In the backs Dom Kennedy was the difference.Little winger Irish Pete was also solid.Good effort boys.

The under-18s clash saw both sides field depleted teams because of representative commitments.But the boys still produced a good showing with the game going down to the wire.

The Tigers held an 18 to eight lead with 12 minutes to go but faded at the finish to go down 26 to 18.

Frontrower Owen Kennedy was the best for the Tigers. He received good support from Tom Harris and Dave Casey.

NAIL-BITER: Captain-Coach Byron Warren gets heated in the Tigers’ clash against the undefeated defending premiers Dubbo CYMS. Points were hard to come by in one of the most gruelling matches of the season.

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Navy cadets in the money

ON THE MONEY: Petty officer Caleb Smith with CommBank Cleveland branch manager Samantha Coglan-Laws.THEAustralian Navy Cadets Norfolk have been awarded a $9064 Community Grant for their work supporting local youth.
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The Australian Navy Cadets Norfolk is one of 229 youth-focused organisations around Australiathat havereceived a 2016 community grant.

Each grant is funded by CommonwealthBank staff through the bank’s workplace giving program, the Staff Community Fund.

The cadets aimto build teamwork and leadership in young people aged12 to19 years of age.

The Norfolk unit had insufficient lockers for the 70 localcadets, with up to threesharing eachlocker.With the grant each cadet will have alocker.

Cleveland CommBank branch manager Samantha Coglan-Lawssaid it was a great source of pride for staff and the bank to support worthyprograms.

“We are grateful for the generosity of more than 13,000 currentand retired staff who donate to the Staff Community Fund to make this possible,’’ she said.

Since the grants startedin 2007, $13.7 million hasbeen awarded to more than 1600 youth-focused organisations.

The fund is one of Australia’s longest workplace giving programs with staffcontributing a nominal amount from their salary towards the fund, which is matched dollar fordollar by the bank.

To be eligible for a Commonwealth Bank Community Grant, organisations must support the healthand wellbeing of Australians up to 21 years of age.

Navy cadets in the money ON THE MONEY: Petty officer Caleb Smith with CommBank Cleveland branch manager Samantha Coglan-Laws.

ALL SMILE: The Norfolk team.

Norfolk cadets celebrate a little CommBank help.

Norfolk cadets on parade.

Cadets on the parade ground.

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Flag half mast after turmoil across globe

NICE: People gather to lay tributes on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France. Picture: Carl Court/Getty Images
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Maitland City Council has lowered its flag to half mast as a tribute to the lives lost across the world in the past week.

InNice,France on July 14 more than 80 people were killed when a cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day. There was more tragic news on the weekend in Turkey where the military attempted a bloody coup and more than 100 people were killed.Maitland mayor, councillorPeter Blackmore, requested the flag be lowered.

Picture: Maitland City Council

“The sad and unnecessary loss of life has commanded time on our television screen since it occurred,” Cr Blackmore said.

“This is a tribute to those people who lost their lives. It is the least we can do.”

News of the attacks hit close to home for Cr Blackmore. His wife Robyn Blackmoreisa surviver of the Port Arthur massacre.

“Most of us can only imagine what it would have been like,” he said.

“But those families and so many little children who had their whole life ahead of them, it is just tragic.The residents of the city of Maitland want to pay tribute to those who lost their life in the carnage that has occurred.”

The mayor could only order the city flag be lowered, as thenational flag can only be changed by order of the Prime Minister.Cr Blackmore said he was happy for Maitland to lead the way with thisgesture of unity.

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Water assets must be included in stamp duty exemptions​

Following release of the 2016–17 State Budget, the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) welcomed the three measures announced by the government that will assist the agriculture sector address family farm succession challenges by:
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Removing stamp duty on the transfer of land for all types of succession; Increasing the limit of the First Start loans under the Primary Industry Productivity Enhancement Scheme (PIPES); andProviding grants for professional advice on a broad range of issues including succession planning.Removing transfer duty on all familial farm property transfers will likely have the greatest impact helping the sector with this issue.

However, the transfer duty concession currently omits water assets.

In an irrigation farming operation, water assets are an integral part of the business and their value often exceeds the value of the land.

The exclusion of water assets from the stamp duty exemptions is a major issue for our industry members.

Under the current transfer concession framework, these assets continue to attract the significant stamp duty charges.

It is important to consider that one of the reasons for the transfer concession was to bring Queensland in line with other states; however the omission of water assets is not consistent.

QFF acknowledges and thanks the state government for its considered policies positions towards farm family succession challenges.

Unfortunately, the full intention and benefit of the government’s intergeneration stamp duty exceptions will not be realised by our industry members while water assets remain excluded.

QFF will work with the government to address this oversight.

Until this is resolved, intergenerational stamp duty will remain a financial barrier for the next generation of irrigators who are ready to enter our growing sector.

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Warm weather set to hang around despite rain: photos

Warm weather set to hang around despite rain: photos Picture: Instagram:
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Picture: Instagram: @renhoak

Picture: Instagram: @chilby_photography

Picture: Instagram:

Picture: Instagram: @visitwollongong

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Picture: Instagram: @_calebhanrahan

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Picture: Instagram: @paul_grossmann_images

Picture: Instagram: @chasing_the-curl

Picture: Instagram: @cupcakephotography

Picture: Instagram: @illawarra_surf_academy

Picture: Instagram: @sandyob1

Picture: Instagram: @timcook10

Picture: Instagram: @johnathonblasi

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Picture: Instagram: @samantha.quintal

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Picture: Instagram: @visitwollongong

Picture: Instagram: @paul_grossmann_images

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Picture: Instagram:

Picture: Instagram: @andrewmcintoshphotography

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Picture: Instagram: @samuelvgates

Picture: Instagram: @_saarim

Picture: Instagram: @flavio_r.spedalieriphotography

Picture: Instagram: @apall 93

Picture: Instagram: @daveshaw_au

Picture: Instagram: @zoemichellecornish

Picture: Instagram: @wollongongnsw

Picture: Instagram: @josh_hammann

Picture: Instagram: @adam.rozmus

Picture: Instagram: @sheree_bailey711

Picture: Instagram: @chilby_photography

Picture: Instagram: @fishertechnic

Picture: Instagram: @br00ke_louise

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