Local ballerina USA-bound

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TALENT: Lucinda van Raad will pursue her craft in America. She is hoping to become a professional ballerina.A CENTRAL Westdancer has been given the opportunity of a lifetime to launch her ballet career.
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Lucinda van Raad hasbeen practising ballet since she was fouryearsold, much of her training being undertaken in Mudgee before she attended boarding school in Sydney.

Wanting to pursue ballet further, Ms van Raad applied to four schools in America and was accepted atall of them.

After visiting them all in May with her mother, the talented dancer settled on The Washington Ballet in Washington DC.

“The standard is very high, probably the highest out of the four. Washington is a great city,” Ms van Raad said of her new school.

She will start there in September and hopes it will put her closer to her dream of being a professional ballerina.

“The school is attached to a company, so I will be training for two years and then hopefully I will be in the company, which is paid work,” Ms vanRaad said.

She hasestablished a GoFundMe page to help her family raise money for the cost oftuition, airfares, accommodation and living expenses.

Anyone who would like to help Ms vanRaad achieve her dream of being a ballet dancer can donate via www,gofundme南京夜网/2dbw3jw.

DANCING DREAM: Lucinda van Raad.

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Traces of the few who made it home

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Memories and history: Fiona Lynch was commemorating the service of her family at the Battle of Somme in Warrnambool on Tuesday. Picture: Anthony BradyFresh from their Macarthur dairy farm, brothers George and Fred Poynton could not have imagined the horrors that awaited them on the Western Front.
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Younger brother George joined up first, in July 1915, followed by36-year-old Fred just over a year later.

Both served in Europe.Fred was maimed inThe Battle ofBroodseinde, Belgium, but skills learnt on the farm likely saved George from close-contact fighting.

“He was a sniper… He was a very good shot, being from a farm he would often be shooting rabbits or foxes,” grandson Bill Poynton said.“They did their training in England and it was run by a big game hunter fromAfrica.”

George and Fred both returned home and George went on to live to anold age.

Some 100 years later, Mr Poynton still has his grandfather’s dog tags –the pressed cardboard tag that was designed to be buried with a soldier if they were killed, and the more permanent version that would be sent back home.

Warrnambool’s Fiona Lynch was at Tuesday’scommemorative service to remember her grandfather, who served throughout the Somme campaign and also made it back home.

Arthur Rusuggan served1378 days –almost four years –overseas, surviving the horrors of Fromelles and Poziers.

Born in Dunkeld, granddaughter Fiona Lynch said Arthur signed up in Avoca before fighting across France and Belgium with the 29th battalion, finally returning home in 1918.

Ms Lynch’sparents later moved to Warrnambool to run theK.M. Lynch Liquor Store on Fairy Street and shehas since traced her grandfather’s journey through Europe.

“He was lucky to make it home,” she said.

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Fallen digger’s sacrifice lives on

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Keeping history alive: Max Hammond and Helen Raw commemorated the service and sacrifice of their uncle, Private Wallace Hill Hammond. Picture: Anthony Brady
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As Helen Raw and Max Hammond gathered at Warrnambool’s war memorial on Tuesday, it marked the day their uncle, Wallace Hill Hammond, died on the French battlefield100 years before.

Private Hammond was killed in the battle ofFromelles, July 19, 1916, in what was some of the fiercest fighting of the war so far.

Part of the 60thBattalion, Private Hammond, 18, was killed by a German shell.

While a sergeant was reported to have seen his body in no man’s land, it was never recovered, and what followed was an agonising wait for his family back home in Warrnambool.

“He was reported missing but it was 12 months before his death was confirmed, so they lived in hope that he was alive,” Mrs Raw said.

Despite many mass graves being uncovered over the years,Private Hammond’s body was never found and hisname is now listed on VC Corner at Fromelles.

He became the first of several generations of the family to serve acrossboth world wars.Mrs Raw’s four brothers, including Max,and husband Peter fought in World War II.

Private Wallace’s three medals— the 1914/15 Star, BritishWar Medal and VictoryMedal — were worn on Anzac Day for the first time last yearby Mrs Raw’s nieceMichelle Butters.

“I love the Anzac history and my family was so heavily connected … It’s important that the younger generation understandhow important our military history is,” Ms Butters said at the time.

The battle of Fromelles was the first major action involving Australian soldiers in France.

At that time it rated as the battle responsible forthe greatest loss of Australian life in 24 hours and claimed thousands of lives over two days.

Filled with the spirit of adventure, Private Hammond enlisted in Warrnambool on July 1915and embarked from Melbourne aboard HMAT Wiltshire inNovember of the same year.

But Private Hammond did not leave Australian shoresbefore receiving the blessing of his parents, Thomas and Lydia, and his employer.

“Wallaceworked at The Standard as a compositor,” Mrs Raw said.

On Private Wallace’sofficial release form, then Standard director Thomas Burden wrote: “Thiscompany has no objection tothe indentures being brokenfor the purpose of the saidWallace Hammond enlistingto fight for the Empire, andwishes him every successand a safe return.”

While it seems that fate hadother ideasfor Private Wallace,his memory,at least, lives on.

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Hairdressing qualifications to get cutTerrible. I’ll never let an unqualified “hairdresser” touch my hair.
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– Brittaney Mitchell

Just more ways for Baird to justify closing TAFE training……wrong wrong wrong!!

– Renna Ross

There’s a petition against this if you agree it’s ludicrous and want to sign.


– ​Megan Ellbourn

Totally disagree; my sister and her friends did five years in their apprenticeships. Just the chemicals and hygiene are an issue which needs to be properly addressed. They did it tough to qualify too.

– Pam Beedev

My question would be would currently certified and trained hairdressers get reimbursed the costs of their studies which now will mean jack all .. Also would you want your house built by untrained, inexperienced builders or licensed and educated, experienced builders? It seems Australia is setting itself up for industrial collapse there is no industry that’s safe first our car manufacturing now this.

– Timothy Raymond

No, no, no. Qualifications are needed.

​- Donna McGee

Are you kidding me?

-​Judith Davis

Well I’llstick to my hairdresser…

– ​Debbie Sue Owen

Yes. I did see something! That’s so wrong there’s going to b some hair in the sink and some dodgy styles out there.

-​Meagan Kelly

Who comes up with these stupid ideas, crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!

​- Coleen Taggart

Another govt excuse to cut TAFE funding?

– ​Fiona McLennan

It’s hard enough now trying to find a decent hairdresser that can actually cut hair let alone throwing this .. into the mix?

-Emma Mulligan

I’ve had shocking hair do’s in the past. Actually asked one lassie to see her diploma. Hava good look at the hairdresser’s hair, if they look after their own, you’ve got a good chance. Having a diploma doesn’t make a person competent. Pride in your work does.

​- Janice Kathleen Marsh

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We’ll go to Rio: central west’s best gun for Olympic goldPhotos

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We’ll go to Rio: central west’s best gun for Olympic gold | Photos THE STAND-OUT: Mariah Williams is catching all of the right attention ahead of Rio, with the Parkes striker in-form for the Hockeyroos. Photo: GETTY IMAGES
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THE BABY: Cowra’s Ellie Carpenter is just 16 and will be a key figure in the Matildas side to compete for gold at Rio. She’s the youngest member of the team. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

THE ROOKIE: Cumnock’s John Porch has been selected in the first Australian Rugby Sevens side to compete at an Olympic Games. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

THE GOLDEN GIRL: After Commonwealth gold, Orange’s Eddie Bone will be leading the Hockeyroos charge for more Olympic gold at the Rio Games. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

THE VETERAN: Carcoar’s Kurt Fearnley is a Paralympic Games legend having competed in five straight games in wheelchair racing. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

THE MAINSTAY: Orange-born Tameka Butt has been a long-term member of the Matildas, and Rio will be her first Olympic Games. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

THE RUNNING MAN: Former Bathurst resident Ben St Lawrence will be competing in the 10,000m in the athletics at Rio. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

THE MENTOR: Stephen Davies has tasted the Olympics as a player, and will now head to Rio as a coach, with the Parkes gun an assistant with the Hockeyroos. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

THE GORILLA: Narromine’s own Pat McCutcheon has been named to make his Olympic debut with the Australian Rugby Sevens side. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

THE MARATHON MAN: Parkes’ Scott Westcott will be running a lot while he is over in Rio. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

THE VIETNAMESE COACH: Joe Donnelly has travelled a different path to Rio than most others from our region, and will coach the Vietnamese rowers in Brazil. Photo: NICK McGRATH

TweetFacebookMen’s @Aussie7s locked in for Rio & ready to fight for goldWATCH: https://t.co/JyIhudBgyh#OneTeampic.twitter南京夜网/wEH6ARPhEg

— AUS Olympic Team (@AUSOlympicTeam) July 14, 2016It’s an unbelievably proud moment to represent your country.

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Fate is in their hands

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ROCK AND ROLL: Port Pirie band Cheap Fate have just released their latest single and are ready to take on the musical world. Their unique brand of punk rock has previously won them Battle of the Bands in Murray Bridge.Four high school students havejoinedtogether to show the world everything they have -with their talent, personality and passion to pursue their dreams.
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Singer Tyler Paterson, guitarist Jake Tilley, bass player Luke Pearce and and drummer Rochelle Veltman make upPort Pirieband Cheap Fate.

The band just released their new single ‘Twisted’ on Triple J Unearthed.

When asked how they wrote the song, Tyler said that he“was quite bored that day so I decided to write a song and whatever came to mind I wrote down”.

The wentto Adelaide to record the songwith funding from their school making it possible.

Challenges during the recording included technical parts such asperfecting the bass riff.

Forming in 2014, the four have worked hard ever since whether it is writing, rehearsing or playing.

The band have had some gigsplaying Battle of the Bands at Murray Bridge.

“We won first place for that. That was cool,” Tyler said.

Cheap Fate have many friends that have asked them to play gigs, making it easier to find shows to play.

“If we had to organiseone by ourselves, we wouldprobably struggle,” Jake said.

There were many band names discussedbut CheapFate is the one they chose.

“It is not the bestbut we had it since the start, you stick with the name that everyone knows you by,” Tyler said.

Jake said that when growing up he wanted to be like the bands Green Day, Blink 182,Led Zeppelin and Metallica, but the band agreed they are similar to Paramore.

It is said that having a country singer in the band sets them apart from any other group, giving the grouptheir own personal touch.

They all agree that starting a band in Port Pirie is a challenge but with the internet on their side it makes it easier to get heard.

Future plans for the band involve a worldwide tour to play for anyone who enjoys their music however right now the main goal for the band is to expose themselves to the world.

Jake said the band wanted to “get as far as we can with it”.

Tyler agreed, saying “we want to put ourselves out there and get heard.”

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Informative WAB gathering

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INFORMATIVE: Stewarts Range WAB member Janet Lindsay thanks Josh Rosser of the Natural Resources Management Board for his time with a small gift.Members of the Stewarts Range WABenjoyed an informative presentation at their meeting on July 6.
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Josh Rosser from the Natural Resources Management Board was welcomed as the guest speaker.

Part of Josh’s job is to work with people with weed identification, chemical rates for spraying, spraying of declared weeds if needed and fox and rabbit eradication.

He also stressed the importance when laying bait to have signs on gates, let your neighbours know, as well as doing the required paperwork.

If your dog takes a bait an antidote is now available.

A member brought in a weed but it was too far gone to be identified.

All members received a weed control handbook and Josh went through it with us. He also answered all our questions.

We were amazed how many plants in the garden are declared weeds, as well as some that should be.

Janet Lindsay thanked Josh with a small gift for his very enjoyable and informative talk and discussions.

Committee members had previously met at Hazel Hack’s home to collate the forthcoming year program.

Competition winners: Farm Animal – 1st Betty Hack, 2nd Janet Lindsay. Bloom – 1st Janet Lindsay, 2nd C. Wyers.

The meeting ended with the roll call of ‘asport that you like watching’ and these included the Olympics, swimming, tennis, netball andequestions events. Watching the grandchildren play soccer was also a favourite.

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Ben hits the right notes for orchestra

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IN TUNE: There’s just two trumpet players in the Regional Youth Orchestra and Ornage’s Ben Hoskins-Murphy, 12 will be one of them. Photo: DECLAN RURENGA
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The Regional Youth Orchestra will have a special guest duringtheir performance of the opera Carmen.

Ben Hoskins-Murphy, is 12-year-old andthe only primary school student in the orchestra.

The Catherine McAuley Primary student will besecond trumpet.

When he arrives in Sydney on Wednesday, there will be three hours of practise and a whole day on Thursday before the performance.

Carmen is a challenging piece of music and along with firsttrumpet Ben willstart with a simple melody before moving into off-beat.

“We have to set our own time and trumpets are very loud so there’s a lot of pressure to get it right,” Ben said.

Ben won’t be alone, his sister Sophie, has been selected as first violin and leader of the orchestra.

“There’s several first violins but only one leader of the orchestra,” he said.

They’re among nine musicians representing Orange Regional Conservatorium –one of the largest groups to join the orchestra.

Orange contingentSam Betts –First flute

Isabelle Clarke-Randazzo –Cello

Lucy Clarke-Randazzo –First violin

Max Eastwood –First violin

William Harper –Second bassoon

Ben Hoskins-Murphy –Second trumpet

Sophie Hoskins-Murphy –First violin and orchestra leader

Tegan Mackay –Viola

Harry Macpherson –First trombone

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Cheers, tears, 30 years

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THREE DECADES: Salvation Army Batemans Bay Captains Ross and Melanie-Anne Holland are looking forward to the Eurobodalla 30th anniversary.The Salvation Army is celebrating 30 years in the Eurobodalla with a fun, free-of-charge weekend on August 5, 6 and 7.
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On Friday nightit kicks off with an all-ages alcohol-free‘80s-themed disco complete with DJ atthe Batemans Bay Corps at Old Princes Highway and on Saturday there will beCorps outreach at Moruya Markets and a concert band playing at the rotunda at Russ Martin Park at 10am.

A free family barbecue and fun afternoon will be held at Corrigans Reserve atBatehaven at 1pm and theSydney Staff Songsters will perform a concert at the Batemans Bay Corps at 7pm.

Family Worship will be led by Sydney Staff Songsters and Colonels Julie and Mark Campbell at the Batemans Bay corps at 10am on Sunday and at12.30pm there will be corps family lunch, to which all are welcome

The Army may be celebrating 30 years in the shire, but the actual historygoes back further than that.

The Salvation Army’sCaptain Frances Eliza QuailandLieutenant Malvina Banksestablished the Army’s ministry in Moruya in 1892, but the corps closed in 1908.

Nearly 100 years later, Batemans Bay Salvation Army officersCaptains Ben and Emma Johnsonopened a Salvation Army Family Store in Moruya in 2004.

The Internet Café was opened a year later, and the court house ministry also began in 2005, with Salvation Army soldiersPhillip and Coral Reeks assisting.

This year the Moruya Mission Centre opened in Vulcan Street.

Although Batemans Bay is the largest Salvation Army ministry in the area, it only officially opened in 1986, under the leadership ofEnvoy Les Shaw.

Batemans Bay Corps’ Captain Melanie-Anne Holland praised the Eurobodalla community for its support of the Salvation Army, andsaid she and husband Captain Ross Holland had enjoyed their two-and-a-half years so far in the shire.

“It has gone quickly,” she said.

“A highlight has been working together with the other churches, which has had wonderful results.”

Go to 梧桐夜网salvos.org419论坛/batemansbay and see “what’s happening” link.

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Sharon completes marathon challenge

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Sharon Sutherland during the Hobart run. Seven marathons in sevendays in sevenstates/territories –that was the daunting challenge facingSharon Sutherland.
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However, Kiama resident MrsSutherland has recovered froma week filled with early wake-up calls, blisters, flights and halfmarathons –all for charity.

Mrs Sutherland completed anendurance running challenge in June/July to raise funds and awareness for national child protection advocateBravehearts.

She tackled half marathons, completing21km a day for sevenconsecutive days.

Bravehearts is an Australian charity which seeksto educate, empower and protect Australian kids from sexual assault.

Billed as “Australia’s biggest charity run to protect kids”, the Bravehearts 777 marathonchallengeincorporatesseven marathons in sevendays in sevenstates/territories.

CHALLENGE: Sharon Sutherland earlier this year, preparing for a gruelling physical challenge to raise funds for charity. Picture: ADAM MCLEAN

The challenge schedule began onJune 27 inPerth, eventually culminating at Australia’slargest marathonon the Gold CoastonJuly 3.

“As long as you raise the money, you can do half marathons, you can walk, do 10km, whatever you can on the day,” Mrs Sutherland said.

“There were 20 people running and as a team we raised over $315,000 for Bravehearts.

“This is Bravehearts’ biggest fundraiser.

“It does not receive a lot of government funding.This will help so many children who suffer child sexual abuse and survivors of this horrific act.

“Among other things we have raised enough for 13,000 counseling sessions for abused kids.”

Mrs Sutherland implementeda strict training regiment for the months leading up to the challenge.

This included three-time Uncle Toby’s Ironman series winnerGuy Andrewsprovidingencouragement and assistance with fitness, trainingand motivation.

Mrs Sutherland said each day of the challenge consisted of the same routine:up at 5am,5.30am breakfast and hotel checkout,6.15am leave hotel,7am start running,1pm back to hotel for showers,2.15pm off to airport,8pm land in next city and10pm bed.

“It was a tough, grueling week,” she said.

“What kept us all going was thinking of the kids who needed help and the funds and awareness we were raising.

“The blisters and sore feet were nothing compared to what some kids are going through.

“At each city we had people join us and tell us their stories.”

Mrs Sutherlandstarted running little more than twoyears ago at the age of 43.

Shecompleted fivehalf marathons, twoCity to Surf races, twoRun Wollongong races and twoother fun runs prior to taking on the Bravehearts challenge.

Mrs Sutherlandownsbusinesses in Unanderraand Campbelltown, andtrains with an outdoor training group in Kiama eachmorning.

After finishing the challenge. Picture: Supplied

Mrs Sutherland became aware ofBravehearts while reading a running magazine, andsaid her goal was“to do something different” for an important cause.

“When I started looking at the charity and the numbers, it’s like one in five kids are sexually abused in Australia,” she said.

“I’m considering doing the challenge again next year.

“It’s such a worthwhile cause, and it’s just the stories you hear along the way.”

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