Riverina Muslim leader labels Kruger comments unfair

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A CALL FOR PEACE: Griffith imam Dr Mohamed Mofreh is disappointed by Sonia Kruger’s comments about Muslim immigrants. Picture: Anthony StipoA Riverina Muslim leader has weighed into the fierce debate over comments from television personality Sonia Kruger.

The Channel NineToday Extra co-hostcalled for Muslimimmigrants to be banned during a segment on Monday morning –sparking a strong backlash on social media.

She was responding to right-wing columnist Andrew Bolt, who said in his weekly News Corp column that jihadist terrorists had made France “Europe’s bloodiest battlefield” because the country “let in the most Muslims”.

Dr Mohamed Mofreh, imam of the mosque in Griffith, defended his religion, saying terrorists were not true Muslims.


— Sonia Kruger (@SoniaKruger) July 18, [email protected] I arrived in Australia as a Muslim refugee and I’m not a terrorist (can’t believe I have to say this)@DavidCampbell73

— Mariam Veiszadeh (@MariamVeiszadeh) July 18, 20162 friends can disagree. @SoniaKruger and I do. We don’t result to name calling and harassment. That’s what’s wrong with the discourse here

— David Campbell (@DavidCampbell73) July 18, 2016Sonia Kruger says view on Muslim immigration may be extreme https://t.co/o8o19D4yfa

— The Age (@theage) July 19, 2016Due to Sonia Kruger’s ignorant statement yesterday, I’m calling for a Ban on all television presenters. #ImAFather

— Chris Wainhouse (@ChrisWainhouse) July 19, 2016This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

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