Short Takes: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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IN reply toSteve Weatherstone (Short Takes, 18/7) was it ANZ, like Warners Bay?

Sherrie Heaton Lindus,Warners BayTHEpicture (Letters, 15/7)showing us the “comfort” of a “home” for greyhounds, which is a bunch of wire cages, says much about the reality of these “much loved dogs”. Imagine your whole life being spent between a cage and being forced to run around a track simply so people can make money from you.

Tess Winter,CarringtonHOORAY, immediate policy success and implementation. The government have immediately found Jobs (for the boys) with the largest front bench (mostly apprentices) for almost half a century, resulting in Growth in the budget deficit of tens of millions in salaries and benefits for additional ministers, their entourages, and overheads. What additional cuts will be required to pay for this?

Wally Reynolds,Perth, TasOBVIOUSLY, June Porter (Letters, 19/7), I am not to be included with the label “most Australians”as evidenced by my comments to your letters of 6/7 and 15/7. I can most certainly live with that.I would, however, be greatly interested in the source(s) of your assertion(s).

Maree Raftos,NewcastleMR Crakanthorp rightly points out the seemingly never-ending fencing saga on these two sites (‘MP wants fences on iconic sites removed’,Herald, 19/7). Comparisons to Bronte, Clovelly and Coogee are a snapshot of what it’s like to try and get things done in Newcastle if you live outside the suburbs of Merewether, Bar Beach and Cooks Hill. Try getting something done if you live in Broadmeadow, Waratah or Jesmond.

Mark Bowen,BroadmeadowIN the past two years I’ve observed how people with serious afflictions, even life-threatening illnesses, who are over 55 are being rejected for a pension. It alarms me that our current Human Services system no longer differentiates between a genuine case and a fraud. It’s a pitiful system that’s adding even more trauma to those genuinely unable to meet the Centrelink demands and a dilemma most politicians would never experience. Please, do some revaluation.

Sandy Black,CessnockTHE POLLSSHOULD the sandstone walls found in the former Newcastle rail corridor be retained?

Yes 80%,No 20%DO you think King Edward Park and Bogey Hole have been fenced off for too long?

Yes 88%,No 12%DO you think Hunter Street businesses will suffer under the government’s light rail plans?

Yes 61%,No 39%MESSAGEBOARDON Wednesday, July 20, the Belmont View Club will meet from10.30am at Central Charlestown Leagues Club.All members and visitors interested in joining welcome.For information phone Diane:4951 1524.

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