Towns where nature is winning the battle against civilisation

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People can build towns, villages and skyscrapers, but in the end, nature has a way of taking everything back in time. When people are forced to abandon dwellings for whatever reason, Mother Nature immediately grabs its territory. Here are five undeniable examples of just that.

1. Kolmanskop, Namibia

What was once the home to hundreds of German miners seeking their fortune in the Namibian desert, Kolmanskop peaked as a thriving and bustling oasis. Now, some 100 years later, it’s a dilapidated ghost town slowly being reclaimed by sand. Tourists and photographers flock to the area to see the once grand German architecture gradually sink into desert.

Photos: Getty, Shaun Lombard, Carol Polich, Ben Cranke

2. Gouqi Island, China

This Chinese fishing village has been abandoned for more than 50 years and has been overrun by nature. The village is on Gouqi Island, one of the 394 islands that form the archipelago of Shengsi Islands. Although the area still attracts more than 100,000 fishermen every winter, fishing practices have diminished during recent decades leading to the abandonment of previously flourishing villages.

Photos: Amusing Planet

3. Shi Cheng, China

???Shi Cheng is an ancient city established in China about 1300 years ago, which now lies 26-40 metres under water. The city and the valley were deliberately flooded in 1959 in order to create an artificial lake and hydroelectric power station. At present, a dive operator based in Shanghai runs diving exploration trips to this submerged city.???

Photos: Chinese National Geography

4. ‘Honky Ranch’, USA

Originally part of a large complex, this incredible Victorian-inspired tree house is one of a kind. It has deteriorated beyond repair thanks to the weather and those pesky trees, but with vaulted ceilings, decorative wallpaper, a kitchen and bedrooms, the three-storey miniature house appears to have been a tree house built for adults.

Photos: Drew Perlmutter

5. Pripyat, Ukraine

What was a fully-functional, active city with a railway station, 10 gymnasiums, three indoor swimming pools, numerous playgrounds and an amusement park, is now a ghost city. A nuclear disaster forced residents to flee as the town became unfit for human habitation. Today, the buildings remain empty and the streets are deserted, however trees continue to grow.

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