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Hairdressing qualifications to get cutTerrible. I’ll never let an unqualified “hairdresser” touch my hair.

– Brittaney Mitchell

Just more ways for Baird to justify closing TAFE training……wrong wrong wrong!!

– Renna Ross

There’s a petition against this if you agree it’s ludicrous and want to sign.


– ​Megan Ellbourn

Totally disagree; my sister and her friends did five years in their apprenticeships. Just the chemicals and hygiene are an issue which needs to be properly addressed. They did it tough to qualify too.

– Pam Beedev

My question would be would currently certified and trained hairdressers get reimbursed the costs of their studies which now will mean jack all .. Also would you want your house built by untrained, inexperienced builders or licensed and educated, experienced builders? It seems Australia is setting itself up for industrial collapse there is no industry that’s safe first our car manufacturing now this.

– Timothy Raymond

No, no, no. Qualifications are needed.

​- Donna McGee

Are you kidding me?

-​Judith Davis

Well I’llstick to my hairdresser…

– ​Debbie Sue Owen

Yes. I did see something! That’s so wrong there’s going to b some hair in the sink and some dodgy styles out there.

-​Meagan Kelly

Who comes up with these stupid ideas, crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!

​- Coleen Taggart

Another govt excuse to cut TAFE funding?

– ​Fiona McLennan

It’s hard enough now trying to find a decent hairdresser that can actually cut hair let alone throwing this .. into the mix?

-Emma Mulligan

I’ve had shocking hair do’s in the past. Actually asked one lassie to see her diploma. Hava good look at the hairdresser’s hair, if they look after their own, you’ve got a good chance. Having a diploma doesn’t make a person competent. Pride in your work does.

​- Janice Kathleen Marsh

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